Why we chose the name Logan

Why we chose the name Logan

To get myself into the Christmassy mood, i thought i would take part in Blogmas, which is basically me blogging every day from now until Christmas day! Feel free to join in 😉


Choosing our babies name had to be one of the most difficult decisions we’ve ever had to do decide upon because, well it’s a name and names are important. First of all me and Rob listed a few names we liked and read them out to each other, if any of them matched we would put them on the “Possible baby name list”, on that list where the names; Kai, Ollie, Richard, Ethan and a few others, we also did this for girls names too, and on that list we had; Isabelle, Bella, Ellie, Skye and May, out of these two lists we both decided we liked, Kai and Skye, i kind of regret telling people what the names where going to be because there was so many opinions, good and bad, so in the end we scraped them.

One evening when Rob was out with his dad, i went on a baby name generator and wrote down the ones that stood out to me, naturally the more Italian sounding ones did, but rob didn’t like any of them since he doesn’t have the Italian routes, but Logan was on this generator and immediately i thought of the Wolverine (Logan) from the X-MEN, and i was like, yeah i love this name, so i sent rob a text and told him, and luckily for me, he too loved that name, and it was that simple, Logan it was!

Though for some reason, Rob thought i chose the name Logan because of the film, “Logans Run” but i’d never seen that film in my life, so it was pretty funny really. And when  Logan was born, it felt like he’d always been that name, you know that feeling when babies look like they’re meant to be a certain name, which sounds silly but he did look like a Logan, and i’m so glad i chose that name, i even got it tattooed on my wrist!


Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan

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