Why I’ve decided to try breastfeeding this time around #normalizebreastfeeding

Why I’ve decided to try breastfeeding this time around #normalizebreastfeeding

Why I've decided to try breastfeeding this time around #normalizebreastfeeding

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet lately with blog posts, I just felt like I needed a little bit of a break from writing since I’ve taken part in Blogtober, I’m sure you can agree that writing a blog post a day for 31 days is a lot of work and dedication, but I’m back, my blogging brain has recovered.

So in today’s post I wanted to talk about why I want to try breastfeeding with baby number 2, I have written a blog post in the past relating to this and why I regret not trying breastfeeding with Logan, so if you want to read that then you can do so by clicking here.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to give breastfeeding ago this time is because I feel like I will definitely regret it again if I don’t try with Sully. I know it will be a lot different feeding experience and probably more tiring, stressful and maybe painful at times but I’m prepared for that, I just need to buy some nursing clothes to help me on my breastfeeding journey.


Being quite a shy and anxious person, I never thought I would ever consider breastfeeding but part of me has decided not to give a shit about what other people think, it’s my body, my decision, it’s not like I will be getting my tit out without coverage or anything, I will be considerate and appropriately dressed. I’ve also mentioned in a previous post my fears for having 2 under 2, and in that post i talk about all the factors of having a toddler plus a newborn, and the fears i have with that.

Another reason why I want to try breastfeeding with my 2nd child is because I want to experience that skin to skin that you wouldn’t otherwise get if you were bottle feeding, as much as I enjoyed bottle feeding Logan, I did sometimes find it a chore to have to get up, go downstairs and make up some formula, when I could easily and in seconds whip out a boob and feed from my bed, which is another added benefit to breastfeeding I think, plus it’s free and doesn’t cost anything unless you buy a pump to express and then that’s where the cost comes into play, but I don’t plan on pumping at least not for the first couple of months. Another great reason to breastfeed is bottles and teats don’t need to be sterilised and that saves a lot of time and it just means I can chill on the sofa and not have to leave baby and toddler to make bottles.

Logan when newborn

But then part of me feels like I shouldn’t have such a narrow train of thought because what if Breastfeeding just doesn’t work for me, and baby? And then I’m in a situation where I have no bottles, no formula and no steriliser? I suppose I ought to think about buying these things just in case but I sure will give breastfeeding a dammed good go before I quit, I’m not a quitter by any means but I don’t want to make myself unhappy in the process. I believe and have always believed, a fed baby is a happy baby, I’m just grateful that I have options of how to feed.

It is such a shame however, that there is still such a taboo around breastfeeding and there are people out there who think ts disgusting and shouldn’t be a thing, but it is a natural thing for us women to be able to do, so why not embrace it?

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post on this subject. I’d love to hear your experiences of going from Bottle to Breast, and if you couldn’t breastfeed what were the reasons for not being able to?



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