Why I started blogging

Why I started blogging

The main reason why I started blogging is because I needed something to do, a hobby if you will while the baby’s asleep, as some of you mums know it can get rather lonely when your other half’s not there and your baby can’t talk back, so I turn to social media and I have made a few mummy friends via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, however I have always been into writing and creating stuff, when I was in college we were encouraged to keep a blog “journal” to keep track of all the work we’ve created.

So blogging isn’t a new tool for me, I’ve always known about it and have started many blogs over the years, but none that I’ve been too passionate about, but when my son was born I decided, why not, I love my son and my fiancé so there was no better time to start blogging, my first blog post on this site was my labour and delivery story, which was naturally going to be my first post as it documents all about how I felt during the contractions and my water birth, which was amazing by the way.

Blogging for me is just another form of social media but without the 139 character word limit, it’s a free form of expression, like a personal diary if you will, because many people can read/find your blog and can sometimes even relate to what you’re saying.

I remember watching a programme on the bbc called “The C Word” based on a real life blog of a woman called Lisa Lynch who blogged all about her experience with her breast cancer diagnosis, portrayed in the programme by the wonderful actress Sheridan Smith, and I remember thinking, one day I want to write a blog as successful as that because other cancer sufferers could relate to her blog and she used clever witty humour to highlight the not so nice parts in her journey. I will leave a link to her blog here,Alrighttit.

So yeah my advice to anyone wishing to start a blog, just go for it, it’s a free country and you’ve got nothing to lose, my only comment would be write about what your passionate about, don’t start a blog about makeup if you don’t wear it, be true to who you are and the ideas will come flooding in and you never know your blog may become a real success and you could earn some cash along the way.

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