Where have i been? – Wrexhammama update

Where have i been? – Wrexhammama update

I’ll be honest, I have been so close to just packing this in, mostly due to the fact my laptop is on its last legs and with no immediate cash to spare on a brand new laptop it’s taken its toll, I’ve tried blogging from my phone but it’s not the same and can’t do everything I can on the laptop, I’ve only just managed to get it to switch on after being dead for months, so I’m not sure when my next post will be, all I know is I want a fresh new look for my blog and to save up for a new laptop or even better a desktop PC.

My boys are shooting up so fast, Logan is now 2 and a half and is currently enjoying his 5 days a week at nursery (2half hours every day) and Sullivan is 11 months old now, cannot believe he’s almost 1!

Logan has come on leaps and bounds in the past few months since starting nursery, he can count to almost 20 but after 10 his numbers are mixed (but he can say them) he knows all his basic shapes and can recite the alphabet with encouragement, he loves singing nursery rhymes and can do the actions, his favorite being Twinkle Twinkle, and Incy wincy spider. He loves nature and everything outdoors, from splashing in muddy puddles to investigating the nooks and crannies in the garden for bugs and especially spiders, god knows where he gets that fascination from!

You can have a basic conversation with Logan now and his speech is really clear, he can tell me what he wants, when his nappy needs changing, when he’s tired or wants to nap, he can tell me what he wants to watch and if he’s hungry or not. His sleep schedule has also improved since the clocks have gone forward, he now goes to bed anywhere between 7/7.30 pm and wakes up anywhere around 7/8am at a push, he rarely has any naps in the day now, even after nursery he stays awake until bedtime. Some nights will be rough especially if he’s poorly but that’s to be expected of any child.

Sullivan can say, mummy, and dadda, he babbles a lot, he can get around very easily now and has been crawling since about 8 months, he loves to be up on his feet so I’m guessing he’ll be walking very soon as he can walk with the walker for a few steps and can sofa surf. He has 2 bottom teeth and currently cutting his top 2 teeth, different to logan as he cut his 4 bottom teeth first before any top teeth.

Sully has 1 nap in the day and that’s usually in the pram around 12 o’clock when we go and take logan to the nursery, or car seat if we’re out shopping with my mum. He goes to bed about half an hour before logan so anywhere from 6.30/7 depending on how grumpy he gets after tea and bathtime, He has one bottle at bedtime and then is woken up by Logan most mornings, and then has 2/3 subsequent feeds, one after his breakfast or dinner time and then one around 2pm when we go pick logan back up from nursery. He is a very chunky lad compared to logan also and is quite tall too, he is wearing mostly 9-12 and some 12-18 months stuff, he eats very well and BLW has gone very well with him, almost a seamless transition.

He has been having cows milk with his cereals in the morning and the odd milkshake and he loves it! But won’t be weaning him off the formula until after his 1st birthday.

Also everything is going amazingly with my new fella Ben so well in fact! I can definitely see my future with him which is very exciting (even more so knowing that the feeling is mutual)

Wearing our matching Plenty of Fish tshirts!

Well thats’s about it from me today, it feels good to be back writing (as im writing this Sully is currently clinging to my leg and whinging so perfect timing haha!)


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  1. Great to have you back blogging. I love how you blog, really open and honest and so many blogs have lost that in the mad attempt to monetize everything. So pleased you have a happy relationship. As someone who is unhappy in mine a lot of the time, I envy you that one. All the best with the children and your new love moving forward #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Good to see you back lovely and pleased to hear things are going well for you all. Hopefully we will see you back here again soon 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales.

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