Where has my baby boy gone?

Where has my baby boy gone?

Growing up too quickly!

baby 1Every single day I wake up and my baby Logan’s another day older and another day stronger. He has picked up so many new skills recently, pulling himself up to stand, moving around to get to his toys. Every night before i go to bed i sit at my laptop looking through his newborn pictures, wondering just where that time has gone.

If only I’d have believed all those mums who told me to treasure the early days because they certainly don’t last long at all. My baby who i carried for 9 months + 5 days is here in this world, learning and growing, and he’s such a happy baby. I can’t believe just how clever he is, i often wonder where he gets his brains from.

The picture on the left was taken this morning (18th January) before we went to Chatterbox. Believe it or not, he hates wearing shoes/socks so getting him to sit still happy enough to take this picture was pretty darn lucky.

Robert and I are so lucky to have such a sweet little baby boy who brings us so much joy and happiness – every day!


He’s a real foodie!

Before Logan came along, I had no clue about BLW or weaning in general. Still, Sonto this day, it can get very overwhelming and confusing because I never know what to give him. What baffles me is that he’ll literally eat anything i put in front of him.

I’m so proud of my little baby boy (I say baby but he seems so much more mature for his age and is a real charmer). Here is a list of some of Logan’s favourite snacks/foods:

My baby and Me! (To Logan)

me and baby

Please excuse your dirty bib, you’d just eaten a biscotti.

Logan, my sweet baby boy, or not by the time you read this. I hope that you don’t mind me posting all these pictures of you, but I want the world to see how amazing you are. We may have our ups and downs and you may not need me one day and that’s fine too. But I just want you to remember that you’ll always be my first born baby who will always have a place to call home. (No girlfriends until your 30!) Please know that I and your dad love you so very much and if you ever need to talk about anything at all, we’ll be waiting. (Getting emotional now) :’)

Dear Logan’s Future

Dear Future please treat Logan with the kindness and respect he deserves. I hope that you give him a good job and money because I know he will succeed in life, but if Logan’s destiny is to work in retail then that’s ok too because that’s what his daddy does. I may not have a job but raising Logan and (x/y siblings) was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Dear Future I just wanted you to know that whatever happens, I’ll be waiting for him to come home, even if you take him places he’s never been, like France or America. Tell him that he’s always got a safe place with me and his dad, don’t ever tell him otherwise.

Peace and Love to you all – x –


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