What’s in my hospital bag UK

What’s in my hospital bag UK

What's in my hospital bag UK - Wrexhammama

It’s that time of the pregnancy where I really outta start thinking about packing my hospital bag, i’m now 34 weeks pregnant, i know how fast has that gone? This bag that i’m taking to the hospital is actually the same bag I used when i had Logan, and i found it perfectly adequate, its large enough to fit all of mine and baby’s stuff in.

I’m not too sure where the bag came from because it was given to me as a christmas present by my nan before i had Logan. I think, it may be a TK maxx exclusive.

I’m not going to show absolutely everything that i’m packing just some of the items (Mostly baby) but if you would like a more in depth post then i could always try and film a youtube video showing all the stuff i’m packing.

The first few things i packed for baby S, is this super fluffy, white teddybear snowsuit, since Sully will be a December/January baby it will be very cold and so I want to ensure I definitely have the appropriate clothing packed for him.

The Pampers nappies I packed actually came from one of the Emma’s Diary gift packs, which i thought was superb, I never got anything like that from the packs i got from when i had Logan. And the sleepsuit shown i’ve actually been looking to buy for ages now, and i finally managed to get one from eBay, since Next had stopped selling this design, i was gutted but im hoping this sleepsuit will be worn when Logan comes to the hospital to meet his little brother.

Ofcourse, no mother can go to hospital and not have some of these packed, not the most exciting or glamourous things to talk about, but an absolute must! After I gave birth to Logan, i wasn’t quite prepared for the amount of blood that followed! Also lots of large, black granny pants are also a definite must have! But if you do forget, then im pretty sure the hospital will have some of these maternity towels for you to use, they also supply disposable pants, which i’ve heard are good.

Finally, i have packed this unscented deodrant, which was very important to me when looking for a anti persprant because i didn’t want any over powering smells, especially because i want to breastfeed this time around. The sudocrem i packed just incase baby S had any nappy rash, or if my skin decided to come out in a thousand spots then Sudocrem would be used for that.

I still need to buy Water Wipes, dry shampoo and a nice dark pair of comfy jogging pants for coming home from hospital in.

*None of these brands shown in this post have asked me to feature them, these are all items i have either bought myself or have come from samples i required myself*



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