What’s on my wishlist for baby #2 (Top 5 items)

What’s on my wishlist for baby #2 (Top 5 items)

What’s on my wishlist for baby #2 (Top 5 items) - On this list i will share with you 5 things that i really want to own the 2nd time around, most of it is quite expensive but i've heard really good reviews about, So if you are interested to see what Hot and whats Not then give this post a read

Today I want to share with you my top 5 newborn/baby product wishlist, these are also items I didn’t have when logan was born.

Wishlist item #1 Next to me crib

I’ve been hearing lots of really great reviews about these cribs, and with me intending on breastfeeding this time around, it sure would come in useful for not having to get out of bed to feed baby especially in the early (mombie) days. The only issue I have is they are very expensive and way out of my budget, unless i win the lottery that’s the only way i’m going to get my hands on one of these. But if someone knows of a cheaper alternitive then please hit me up.

   Wishlist item #2 Sleepyhead

Again this is another raved about product on the marketplace, but like the next to me crib it is also very expensive and i’m just not sure i’ll be able to afford one, unless I can grab a second hand bargain on facebook groups or eBay. But I sure would love one of these sleepyheads for baby number 2, just because of the extra sleeptime it promises.

Wishlist item #3 Whisbear

As much as we love our Ewan the dream sheep, i’m pretty sure this would trump that because not only does it feature white noise, with magnetic arms, it also reactivates whenever it senses baby stirring or moving so that it can settle baby quicker, these whisbear’s have also had really good reviews!

Wishlist Item #4 Cuddlebug baby wrap (sling)

This is on my wishlist because I believe it will be a valuable asset to my newborn essentials, not only will it able me to be handsfree while eating, and doing my daily house chores, i can also keep baby close to me if he needs comforting, so that I can play and do different things with Logan, and will be ideal for going on short walks around my local area, and now logan can walk too it will be ideal.

Wishlist Item #5 Medela breast pump

As mentioned previously, I am planning on breastfeeding this baby, as much as I’ll feel guilty (But that will be a new blog post) but I’ve from other breastfeeding mums that pumps are essential because you can become engorged and need to pump off excess especially if i want a good latch. But more research about storing milk and defrosting etc will be needed as i’m no expert in that department. But for whatever reason, i can’t breastfeed this baby I would like to try the Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine as i never had one when bottle feeding logan.

**The above list is in no particular order – this blog post also contains affiliate links**





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15 thoughts on “What’s on my wishlist for baby #2 (Top 5 items)

  1. try the purlo instead of the sleepyhead if it is out of your budget. Would definitely recommend the perfect prep if you switch to formula and an electric breast pump, not manual or you’ll be there forever!

  2. Have you tried poddle pods rather than sleepyhead? If you get the toddler one it lasts for longer and is literally amazing! It meant Ben could sleep downstairs as he hated the Moses basket and when he had colic it also made it easier being against the sofa.
    The crib is also a brilliant buy, we had it and I honestly think it helped the transition to Ben’s own room as you can slowly put the side up, put it in the corner in the room and then baby is used to being away from you! Also fab for night feeds.
    If you do bottle feed, again, the prep machine… literally cried the first time I used it at night…. no screaming impatient babies!!!
    Thank you for sharing these brilliant items with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

  3. We had a snuzpod for Oscar. He slept in it every night for 3 months and then preferred our bed! For the last 9 months it’s been a very expensive bed guard!! Great post here. The purflo nest is a cheaper alternative to the sleepyhead. Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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