Toddler update – Logan’s 15 month development check up

Logibears 15 month update! - It's true what they say, time does fly by when you have kids. In this post I will be going over all L's little milestones and achievements...he can say lots of new words too!

It’s been a good while since i’ve done one of these  development updates, but to be honest there wasn’t an awful lot to update you on, but now he’s 15 months old I feel its time I update you all on his progress. Development

Speech development

Currently Logan says quite a few words, i’m not sure if its a lot for his age or whether other 15 month olds can say more, so let me know in the comments how many words your little ones can say. But I know he understands a lot more than he can say.

  1. cat
  2. car
  3. bubble
  4. boo
  5. ball
  6. goodbye/bye
  7. woo (when twirliwhoos comes on)
  8. mum
  9. daddy
  10. back
  11. maw (miles)
  12. quack
  13. nana (banana)

He can also understand and carry out simple commands, like “go get the ball”, or “where is your dummy?”, “Do you want a drink/snack”- and he’ll walk to the kitchen and moan. He also understands when it’s bed/nap time, he knows to get bring me his trainers when i say do you want to go out in the pram, (pram being the keyword!)



Logan is practically running everywhere now, even when out and about he would much rather be walking on the reigns than in the pushchair. He has been walking now since just after his 1st birthday.



Logibear now only has 1 nap a day and thats usually 4/5 hours after he’s woken up in the morning, so about 10.30/11am, but if we’re out all day or he’s knackered himself out loads he may have a quick afternoon nap which I don’t mind to much as he does now sleep through the night.



He growing so fast, I can hardly keep up, he is now wearing 12/18 month clothes but most of his tops have been 18/24 months and even 1-2 tops, its mad how much he’s shot up in the past month. In shoes he’s still currently size 3.5 and is due to get his feet re-measured soon.



Logan is a fantastic eater, he has a brilliant appetite and eats pretty much anything that we’re having. I would name all the foods he eats but that would be one long list, but will just name a few of his favourites; banana, blueberrys, grapes, pasta, melon, mashed potatoes, yogurt, chips, chicken, coleslaw.

Drinking wize, Logan now only has beakers and hasn’t had any bottles for 2/3 months nearly, the transition was pretty simple and it didnt seem to bother him. He has 1 beaker of cows milk in the morning and same before bed, and beakers of either water or very weak/diluted sugar free juice.



He now has 12 teeth, all 4 front teeth and the 4 first molars at the back, so now we’re just waiting for his canine teeth and 2nd molars which shouldn’t be for a while (hopefully). We use his brush baby electronic toothbrush to clean his teeth which he really loves and prefers to do it himself (with some guidance hehe) I’ve actually done a review of some of the Brush Baby products which you can read here.


If you enjoyed reading how logibear is doing then you can read all his other updates here.









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  1. JakiJellz

    He is such a beauty! It’s such a lovely age as they learn so many new things. Thanks for joining us at #TriumphantTales – hope to see you again Tuesday! 🙂


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