Things I’ve learnt since being a single mum

Things I’ve learnt since being a single mum

• I can do a lot more on my own than I first thought (was anxious about) the first few weeks of being a single mum was tough especially with a newborn and a toddler the transitions was a challenge but I settled quite quickly once I was in my own place and had routine, and I just found my own ways of doing things.

• I can decorate on my own, just need patience and wait until the kids are asleep, just confirms to me that you don’t always need a man in your life to do things like this. Yeah I love my boyfriend to death but I don’t necessarily need him all the time. I’m quite capable.

I wallpapered my living room wall in 2 hours, then the next night I did the opposite wall, it’s just about persistence and having that “can do” attitude. Plus you save money by doing it yourself and you feel prouder for it.

• its a juggling act, most of the time I do my chores and stuff that need to be done when Logan’s at nursery and sully is asleep

• it’s true, when you’re in a relationship and there’s two of you to share responsibility’s you do take it for granted how easy it is, to just go for a bath or nip to the corner shop without worrying about whose gonna watch your kids. But you just get on with it, besides fresh air is great for kids and breaks the day up a bit, and the bath/shower situation well I either wait until they’re in bed or I bring them upstairs and shut the stair gate so their quite safe and leave the bathroom unlocked.

• When it comes to tea time, I make there’s depending on what it is I’ll have some too but if it’s something they won’t eat or I’m not hungry I’ll just wait until they’ve gone to bed … you can see a pattern here can’t you (single parenting is mostly about waiting for the opportunities to do stuff , I.e when they’re Asleep or at nursery or with their dad for example)

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  1. Hubby recently got a promotion and now requires either going around the country or working slightly longer hours which means things I need to get done either wait for ages or I just have to do it myself. I’m not sure how, but I’ve managed to clear most of the house out ready for us moving into the smaller room so the boys can have one big bedroom/playroom and they’re still alive. Its amazing what we can do when we put our mind to it! (it is exhausting mind!)
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

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