The ultimate girl gamer gift guide (for men)

The ultimate girl gamer gift guide (for men)

This post is very different from all my latest post but in the spirit of Christmas, why the hell not, so here I have prepared for you my top 10 things any gamer girl in your life would appreciate this 25th of December, (Also rob this may help you).

  1. Gaming merchandise, can’t really go wrong here, I love gaming merch whether that be a tshirt or a necklace.
  2. A Gift card for iTunes /online tshirt store / psn or xbox one game time
  3. If money is no object maybe a cool new gaming laptop or the latest gadget
  4. If you’re partner has tattoos maybe gift card for there favourite tattoo studio – as we all know tattoos aren’t cheap
  5. The latest game – maybe your partner has mentioned a new game that’s just been released but hasn’t bought it yet (sometimes that’s a hint that she may want that for xmas)
  6. Depending on what phone she has perhaps she’d appreciate gift card for the apps store
  7. Or if she’s more girly maybe a nice bath bomb set, even better a galaxy bath bomb 😍
  8. If she’s a reader – a good book will suffice
  9. Maybe she has a magazine subscription, perhaps pay for her subscription for couple months
  10. And last but not least, a good phone case I know which one I’d love – the blue griffin survivor 😘

And that about sums up my guide, if any of you guys found this helpful then please do leave a comment or maybe your the gamer girl and I’ve missed something out, let me know what’s on your ultimate gift guide list. 😜

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