The geek in me

The geek in me

<p>Growing up I’ve never really been one for Barbie’s, dolls or anything remotely pink, I’m not too sure why that is, but does it matter? It didn’t affect the way I turned out, so what if I wanted to play football and not netball? Who cares if I wanted to wear my favourite tracksuit over a floral dress? I’ve always been into my video games and technology, Crash bandicoot and <b>Pokémon</b>used to be my religion and couldn’t wait to finish my homework to play my video games. I’m a geek and proud!

During my time at college I studied 3 as levels in media, sociology and English language, I didn’t really enjoy my lessons as much as I thought I would but I persevered with the first year and decided to look into other courses and came across this BTEC course in computing and it sounded so appealing even though I’ve never owned a computer before or had any experience but decided to go for it, so I had the interview and passed the interview based on my GCSE’s and past merits.

Fast forward 3 years and now I’m starting to think about university and what I want to do for the next 3 years of my life, actually coming to think about I didn’t know if I was going to Uni because of all the debt and didn’t think I could get a student loan and to be honest didn’t believe I was good enough to go to university, but my tutors believed in me and told me to go for it and that was it I got my UCAS application completed and sent off and my application was accepted and got a unconditional offer for Glyndwr University with it being my first choice and my local Uni.

The course I studied in Glyndwr was creative media computing and this was a full-time 3-year course, which I really enjoyed and got on with a lot of my peers. The course entailed learning HTML, web design, audio and video editing, 3D modelling and a lot more intense stuff which involves brain power and lot of energy drinks.

Obviously when you have to be in university 5 days a week and do strenuous amounts of work, its difficult to get anytime to relax and wind down and more importantly for me play video games as that was my form of stress release back then, my favourite game then and still to this day is World of Warcraft and when Logan starts day nursery ill definitely be playing again as it’s hard to find time these days especially during Logan’s growth spurts and always cries “mum”.

The main reason behind writing this isn’t to brag about my educational success or some sort of desperate plea for anything it’s just a post to explain who I am in more depth because being a blogger, I feel it’s important to share this sort of thing with your viewers, I don’t want to be fake and pretend to like the same stuff as another mummy blogger because that’s not me and I don’t want to be someone I’m not.

So if you’re a closet mummy geek and want to express yourself then my advice to you is, just let your true colours shine because I’ve always believed that honesty is the best policy. </p>

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  1. I enjoyed reading this! I’m a bit geeky too! I’m a software engineer mummy blogger with a love for all things Star Wars. I started my blog as a challenge to write the code for it myself (it’s still my aim to write my own WordPress theme and a couple of widgets) but found that actually I like the content writing too!

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