Sullivan’s 3 month update

Sullivan’s 3 month update

I can’t believe the last one of these I did was his 5 week update! And now he’s 3 months old. where does the time go?.sullivan

I was actually approached by a brand on Instagram, baby dinosaur UK, As logan loves dinosaurs and so do i, so this brand really stood out to me in the simplicity of their designs, and Sullivan is actually a brand rep for them, the picture above is the sleepsuit he’s modelling for the brand, if you would like to get your hands on one of these sleepsuits, they also do socks, vests, hoodies and more just use the code WREXHAMMAMA30 at the checkout! 😀

Well, the first thing that’s new is Sullivan is now full on smiling and has even started laughing a bit too. Sullivan is drinking around 6 ounces every 2-3 hours during the day and eats a lot! But he’s a bit like a Tamagotchi, as long as you feed him, change his nappy and burp him he’ll be a happy, content little boy for the majority of the day, and to be honest you hardly ever hear him, he’s so patient waiting, especially when Logan is taking up my attention. He is actually on the Aptamil hungry baby formula now as the previous milk was just getting drained and not keeping him full for very long at all so that is why I’ve moved him over and we’ve had absolutely no issues with constipation or anything.

He got weighed at 10 weeks and was 12lb something, so I’m guessing he’ll be around the 13lb plus mark, like I said, he’s a greedy monkey and is very long in the body unlike Logan he was always quite short and still fitted in 0-3 until past 3 months, but Sullivan is actually out of newborn and is actually in 3-6 month sleepsuits, which is a shame as all the cute 0-3 ones I had from Logan, he’s not got round to wearing as he’s just filling out so much, and too quickly for my liking.

Sullivan is pretty much holding is head up fully now and has actually been able to sit up unaided for like 2 seconds so i’m thinking he’ll be a quick mover as Logan wasn’t sitting up fully unaided until 5 months old, but it just shows how every baby and child is different even if they are related.

Sullivan is still sleeping right through the night and wakes for his first morning feed at around 5 am but is then back down until around 7 am, but most mornings he is woken up by Logan, I’ll be doing Logan’s 22 month update as well soon as there is quite a lot to update you on with his development too! If you’d like an updated “what my toddler eats in a day” then let me know and I’ll get something written up, and if there is anything else you’d like to see here on the blog then get in touch 🙂

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