Sports Direct £5 Christmas Challenge #sdfiverchallenge

Sports Direct £5 Christmas Challenge #sdfiverchallenge

Sports Direct £5 CHALLENGE #sdfiverchallenge

A few weeks ago I recieved an email from a Britmums collegue asking if any bloggers would like to take part in the £5 Christmas Challenge #sdfiverchallenge, in which I had a limit of £30 to spend on the Sports Direct website on gifts that cost £5 or less.

Below is a picture summarising all the gifts I managed to buy with the £30 voucher.

Total of 9 items purchased with the £30 voucher

The first gift i’m going to be talking about is this Wolf masters t-shirt, which I actually quite fancied for myself. I chose this tshirt because I love wolves and some day will be getting a wolf tattoo, so it only seemed appropritate that i chose this one! And i’m a huge fan of black tshirts, as they’re quite slimming.

Wolf tshirt

Wolf Masters T-shirt –  £4.98

The next gift is this Halo 4 t-shirt which I thought would be amazing for my fiance as he is a huge gamer and loves Halo, so i was happy when i saw this tshirt on the Sports Direct website.

halo tshirt

Halo 4 T-shirt – £1.99

Also for my geeky fiance i chose this Marvel Iron Man mug because his favourite superhero is infact Iron Man, and also he needed a new mug so this is a perfect christmas present for him.

Iron man mug

Iron Man Mug – £4.49

The last gift i chose for my fiance was this Avengers belt, bit of a theme going on here! You see for christmas im planning on doing my partner a geek/gaming box or hamper, full of his favourite things. But don’t tell him that ok! I also chose this belt because he’s been moaning for ages that he needs a new one but never gets round to buying one or he just forgets when we’re out shopping so this will be a nice surprise for him. AND ROB, YOU BETTER NOT BE READING THIS POST!!!

Avengers Belt – £3.24

The rest of the gifts I bought with the £30 sports direct voucher are for my 17 month old son Logan, however he will be 19 months by time christmas comes.

First off I saw this blue Adidas tshirt for Logan which i immedietely fell in love with, not only for the price but the colour, i am a massive fan of blue and will go very well with Logan’s blue eyes. (I’m sorry the picture quality doesn’t do the tshirt justice, but it is a really lovely color)

Adidas T-shirt – £4.99

Next up were these Thomas & Friends chocolates by Kinnerton, i thought these would make a great stocking filler for Logan’s christmas stocking, should i find i change my mind however, i will probably wrap them up for one of Logan’s cousins.

Kinnerton Chocolates – £1.25

Had to get this aswell, if you’re a parent you’ll know how popular Paw Patrol is, and this was a steal at only £1, and another fab stocking filler for Logan. I love these magnetic scribblers because they leave no mess, don’t require batteries and it would be a great toy to take on car journeys as i’m sure this would keep any toddler entertained (atleast for a little bit).

Paw Patrol Scribbler – £2.10

Next up is is Avengers bubble wand (It is a lot larger than it looks on the picture), Logan loves bubbles, he throws a paddy whenever we run out of bubble mixture so i thought this would be a great present for him.

Avengers Bubble wand – £1.00

And finally, i saw this Wizard of Oz book, which i thought was great as it is educational, teaching kids about colours using the images from the wizard of oz. And it is one of my all time favourite films which i actually mentioned in a previous Blogtober post.  The colours in the book are really vibrant and i love how they tell the story using colours as it’s focus!

Sample page in the book!

The Wizard of Oz Book (Colors) – £1.00

Anyway that was all 9 items which i carefully selected as part of this £30 Sports Direct christmas challenge, i hope you enjoyed finding out what i bought and my reasons for doing so.

Overall there is a variety of gifts on the Sports Direct website, i was very impressed by the selection of £5 items, i struggled to stay within budget hence some of the cheaper items chosen, but im not at all disapointed by my choices.

There is definitely something for everyone on their website, from childrens toys to adults tshirts and more. When looking for the items i wanted i did primarily have my Fiance and Son in mind. In terms of the prices of the items, i am actually impressed because the quality of the items in which i recieved was great and not “cheap” feeling at all. I can’t believe i managed to get 9 items for the £30 credit voucher given. If you’re looking for some great, cheap stocking fillers this year then i definitely reccomened heading over to the Sports Direct website.



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