Screen time – I bought my toddler a tablet, here’s why >

Screen time – I bought my toddler a tablet, here’s why >

Screen time and toddlers is quite a hot topic in debates across the world, some saying kids are getting too much screen time and others saying screen time is good for them and others being totally strict and not allowing any screen time at all. Which parent are you?

Everything in moderation

I always thought I’d be that mum who wouldn’t give her toddler a tablet, but Logan loves watching educational videos on Youtube, so what’s the harm. He is learning while also watching and enjoying himself, personally, I see no issue in it. He goes to nursery and has a lot of play time and exercise.

Why I chose the Amazon Fire Tablet for kids!

 For one it’s the most popular version of any tablet specifically designed for kids. It comes with access to the amazon kids which includes, over 1000 books, games and apps all free to download and play/watch on or offline and on the go.

Also with the tough outer shell it’s designed for little hands and so far we’ve had no issues and it’s really simple to set up.

There is an adults account which you make first, and then your kid(s) can have their own account which limits what they can access and you can control what they can do, how long they can spend on each activity also when the tablet should power on/ off by.

I am so happy with this purchase and because I nabbed it during the Black Friday Amazon sale I saved some money which went toward other Christmas presents.


What’s your opinion on letting young kids lose on tablets and smartphones, how much screen time is too much, can you limit technology when it’s forever emerging. I’d love to hear off you, if you haven’t yet read the boy’s update then you can read that here.


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2 thoughts on “Screen time – I bought my toddler a tablet, here’s why >

  1. I thought this and bought the exact same one for his baby brother to give him when he was born. He only had it two months and we’ve taken it off him. Tantrums because apps are visible but require time to download, so much content visible that storage gets used up fast and worst of all the noticeable impact YouTube had on his attention span.

    1. aww really, yeah i have noticed logan getting into a paddy when things dont download quick enough, but i just take it off him and put his attention on something else like a book.

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