How to SAVE money on a BUDGET!

How to SAVE money on a BUDGET!

I’m not going to lie im no expert when it comes to saving money or making money for that matter, but being on benefits I have learnt a few things that have helped me manage my money and I wanted to share them with you incase your in a similar situation where every penny counts.

Think before you buy

Instead of rushing out to buy that latest iphone or the flashiest fidget spinner, take a moment to actually think if you really need these items and whether or not you can wait a while longer until it comes down in price or in the sale. It’s happened to me, i’ve bought a game for my PC and about a week or so later it was reduced and a fraction of the original price.

£1 Money Tins

You know those tin money boxes that you see in Poundland, often you’d just walk past them but they are actually a great thing for helping to save money because you cant dip in and out of it, so there’s no risk of spending what you’re saving! This is what i’m on about

Limit card spending

When I say this I mean, only withdraw a set amount and then once you’ve spent what cash you have that’s it, don’t spend anything on your card, this helps to control what you are leaving in the bank, obviously if you have a bit more cash to spare then go ahead but for me, not paying by card certainly helps!

Find cheaper alternatives/shop around

This one is pretty obvious but the temptation to just buy something as soon as you see it in an Argos catelog or online, its crazy how that 1 item can vary in price in different stores and even online on sites like eBay and Amazon, so its always worth double checking that you can’t find something elsewhere cheaper.

Second-hand purchases/ accept hand me downs

I know buying things second hand can sometimes make you feel a bit shit about yourself, like you can’t afford the item brand new, but it’s really not about that, its just being smart and there is nothing wrong with buying something second hand, even more so if you are expecting a new baby because they won’t be using alot of the items for long and same goes for clothes, they grow so fast!

Same with hand me downs, if you have a friend who has just had a baby, and she has some clothes for your baby, then accept it because there is nothing wrong with accepting help, and it saves you a fortune (p.s. so does having a baby shower :P)

Make changes to food shopping habits

What I mean by this is perhaps changing where you do your weekly/monthly food shops, and maybe check price comparison websites to see if there is a cheaper supermarket which can save you a fortune in the long run, I know it may be nice to shop at the high end chains but Aldi and Iceland are just as good and great value for money!

Do It Yourself (DIY)

This one can save you money because it is generally a lot cheaper do things yourself, admitendly im no good at DIY but what I am good with is computers and being creative, so instead of paying someone to make me a blog header I have made my own! With the help of my super handy fiance who drew the illustration for my blog header.

That’s it, hope you found those tips useful, I know they have helped me with managing my own money. Let me know if you have any other useful tips for saving money in the comments below!




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9 thoughts on “How to SAVE money on a BUDGET!

  1. Great tips and I like the one about the money box. It’s such a good feeling to have a full one and to buy something that you wouldn’t normally have the money to get.

  2. You’ve got some fantastic tips here! Since becoming better with money, and having lots of savings, I still buy items second hand frequently. Why overpay? Well done you for making your money work hard!

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