Animal Roadkill :'(

Animal Roadkill :'(

Being an animal lover, it makes me so sad when I see any injured or deceased animal just laying there lifeless on the side of the road. So when I was on the way home with my mum driving down the motorway with countryside surrounding the roads, I must have seen about 10 dead badgers and a fox and a couple of squirrels.

I apologise that this isn’t a very positive post, but I just wanted to express my feelings on this subject. Is there a law to protect animals/wildlife from getting hit? I know it can’t be helped sometimes or animal just walks out but it’s just so sad, someone should really make it impossible for animals that are living either side of the road to get to the road itself, with barriers or barricades.

Some of you may be reading this and thinking what’s the big deal, but to me it is a big deal, I’ve had to deal with grief of my pets in the past and it hurts, I even cried when my hamster of 3 years passed away, he was just as much part of my family as my siblings.

My love for animals first started when I was in nursery and they had a show and tell, all the children where bringing in their pets and there’s me, pet-less, from that day I always loved animals and my first pet was a goldfish named scampi and then a few years later my first hamster named Jake, who died shortly after due to getting wet tail (hamster related illness).

Basically I’m just calling out to all you drivers; just take a second thought when driving 100 miles an hour down the motorway. I can’t be the only one who gets emotional when thinking about that badger who has died, what if its babies are waiting in the den or a fox’s cubs are crying out for their Vixen.

Thanks for reading.

On a more happier note, how photogenic is my cat Miles.


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