Potty training diaries #week 2

Potty training diaries #week 2

I thought I’d start this little blogging series every week to document how Logan gets on, and let you know about his success and probable failures, so if you’re interested in following us on our journey then why not follow my blog via email so you can get updates whenever I post. Click here to read week 1’s post.


Week 2 has been a roaring success with only a few accidents here and there, still haven’t mastered the standing up to wee thing but I’m not gonna force him or rush him, just stick to what he’s comfortable with for now.

I had been keeping a tally chart of his potty successes and misses but figured it’d be impossible to get full accurate results as I don’t know what goes on in nursery but all this week he’s left nursery dry, and been when he got home.

Another good thing that happened this week, if you remember me telling you last Sunday that he wouldn’t use the toilets in nursery, well on Monday we tried again and he went straight away, I was so made up!

Have also purchased more stickers this week to help encourage him, but to be honest he’ll just go to the potty without any reward now just praise and a Hi-5 will make him happy.

Thursday was interesting, he decided to throw his potty down the stairs in a tantrum and it cracked, didn’t realise until he was doing a wee on the potty and he shouted mummy there’s a hole. So I said “well you’ll have to go on big toilet now like mummy”, I said that but I was expecting some resistance but no, I held him on their as ice not got a toilet seat yet and he went and done a wee and a poo on their. Luckily my mum had Ellis’ spare potty from when he was training and he’s back using that until he’s fully confident on the potty or until he decides he wants to sit on the big toilet.

Well that was our week 2, and I’m happy to report that I’m not feeling remotely overwhelmed anymore, and have faith in Logan to tell me when he needs to go potty. But I have noticed this week that whenever he’s tired he won’t want to use the potty, but thankfully he has only had 1 nap after nursery and been potty every time, with exception of a few accidents but they’ve been when he has been too busy playing or in his high chair eating.

Something I’ve noticed which has helped Logan understand the toilet process more is putting on potty training videos on YouTube, bing and Daniel tiger do some good ones that he likes to watch.

If you’re potty training your child at the moment, feel free to let me know how it’s going for you or if you’re thinking of starting.

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