Potty training diaries – #week 1

Potty training diaries – #week 1

So it’s finally here, that somewhat overwhelming aspect of every parents life with toddlers. Potty training! Such a scary yet exciting time because your once little newborn baby is no more.

I thought I’d start this little blogging series every week to document how Logan gets on, and let you know about his success and probable failures, so if you’re interested in following us on our journey then why not follow my blog via email so you can get updates whenever I post.


Last week we did try on Logan’s word, a few morning he’d be waking up half dressed without his nappy on and he’d weed but not in the potty (since it was locked away behind the bathroom door) or he’d missed the potty and ended up messing the floor.

But this half term week came along and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity, or should I say, Logan did, I had no influence on his decision to use the potty, but on the morning of the 1st of March, Logan woke up (been dry all night) and straight away used the potty, and he ran in to tell me, I didn’t quite believe it at first but it was true and I jumped for joy and at that point in time I didn’t care how early it was or how shitty I looked I hugged and praised Logan so much!! I said to him “do you want to flush your wee wee down the big toilet now?” And he was so excited to do it and flush it down.

And from that moment I said to him that “we have to put the nappies in the bye bye box now and pulled out some brightly coloured pants / pull ups and asked which he wanted to wear, ensuring it was entirely his choice and low and behold he chose to wear the blue pants to be specific and I made sure he was wearing loose fitted easy to pull up and down bottoms.

He had 1 accident that entire day at that was a wee, since he was too distracted by playing but then once he realised he redeemed himself by doing another wee on the potty and following that (several poops) safe to say we were upstairs a while and the poor toilet flusher has never been used so much in such short space haha. And must have had about 7 stickers that day for going potty.

He had a pull up for bed since I wasn’t confident and didn’t want to force him to stay dry all night and have him wet himself in bed, but he did stay dry and woke up at about 6.30 am moaning “mummy” he was staring at his potty and I said “what’s wrong Logan? Do you need to go potty” and he did, pulled his pull up down and he did a wee and we flushed it down and we were so happy once again he was so proud and so was I, so proud!

Saturday morning we had another accident but once again he redeemed himself by doing more poos and wees on the potty, and multiple toilet flushes.

He had to go to his dads for night and I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and take him to town (on the bus) wearing his pants and I was so nervous and preying for him not to have an accident but I had spare clothes if he did, and from what I heard of his dad he had a couple of successes and 1 accident. Sunday afternoon both boys came back from their dads and Logan did a wee in the potty and the routine fell back into place, I was so nervous that he’d relapse going to his dads but he didn’t thankfully! And when it was time for bed I asked him if he needed to go toilet and he pulled his pull up down and went for a wee and cheered I was like “shhh sully sleeping but yay well done Logan, good job”.

So that’s it potty training for this week over (well 3 days but starting Tomorrow I’m going to keep a record of his successes and accidents, and how he gets on in nursery, I’m hoping they help him out there and reminding him to go potty.

I did buy him a stand up froggy urinal that you stick to the wall, see that here but haven’t got around to testing that yet, anyone else used this?

What I’m wondering is, when to introduce him to a toilet seat , and while standing up to pee process? If you’ve anymore tips then I’d love to hear your stories. I’ve started up a potty training Pinterest board too; so if you’re interested in following that and adding pins then click the link.

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19 thoughts on “Potty training diaries – #week 1

    1. Aw thank you for stopping by, I just thought about the idea on a whim, was going to just keep a tally chart of his accidents and successes but thought I’d go one better 🙂

  1. I’m a wait til older person myself – with our first I waited because we had a flight to Europe and there was no way I was doing 22 hours on a plane not in nappies! Anyway, came home and literally did it in 1 day. Had one accident in the morning and that was it. Done. Next one I did about 18 months and it took soooo long. Last one was early because she just kept taking the nappy off (and I kept putting it back on!! And then being told off by everyone for ‘confusing her’ – didn’t confuse anything. She’s headstrong!) So no help, whatever you do will be the right thing in the end. Good luck!

    1. Oh yes more often than not.. sometimes he will tell me when he needs to go even if he’s eating , sometime just for the free sticker and hi 5 , just haven’t mastered outdoor potty training yet .. as he won’t go at my mums but more will follow on Sunday potty diaries

  2. Sounds like he had a pretty successful first week! I just potty trained our daughter last weekend at 20 months old. We used the 3-day potty training method and it worked wonders! 🙂

  3. Ben has been a nightmare trying to potty train. We started too early on pressure from the in-laws and now he’s nearly three it’s still not happening! He’s started to sit on one and asking to take nappy off, but he’s lazy so think he enjoys relying on the nappy. Next move is making him wear pants so if he does have an accident (he hates being wet) it may deter him… gonna be interesting doing it with the twins though!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back tomorrow.

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