Pampers baby dry pants *Review*

Pampers baby dry pants *Review*

First off, I just wanted to say a big Thank you to Pampers for sending me this box of nappies to review -REALLY appreciated!  *P.S this is not a paid for post and all opinions are my own*
Pampers box

When I first saw the advert for these nappies on the telly I was so relieved that they existed and knew that I had to get them for when Logan started becoming more mobile.
So I bravely approached Pampers UK on Twitter and asked if I could get a sample of these baby dry pants to review for my blog, they very kindly supplied me with contact details of their PR, who I emailed. And within a week or two I had received this jumbo box of nappies at my door! My first thoughts were – have they got the wrong address? because I thought I was only getting a sample, being one or two nappies. But no it was the right address and everything, so thank you Pampers and their PR for this opportunity.

The Review

Right, Let’s crack on with this review shall we.
Pampers back designThe first thing I noticed when I got one of the nappies out was that the sticky sides had gone so that was one of the features that I loved and the ease in pulling them up is so simple and makes nappy changing 10x easier. I absolutely adore the fact that they have a stretchy waist and leg bands, so I don’t have to worry about it being too tight on him (Unless he suddenly outgrows the nappy size). The other feature of these Pampers baby dry pants that I actually think is a really cool and wicked idea is the little blue plastic seal that’s on the back of the nappy which is so handy for disposing of the nappy and keeps all that nasty poop and pee inside the nappy where it’s supposed to be.

Pampers front designAnother great feature that really attracted me to these nappies (as will all of the Pampers nappies) is the super cute designs that they have on the front of the nappies. As shown in the picture you can see a hippo on the left and giraffe on the right. I have also seen past baby dry pants with all kinds of different fun and cute designs.


Being a first time mum I wasn’t quite expecting, how difficult changing a nappy could be especially with conventional nappies and wriggly babies, trust me it’s a chore and a half because just when you think it’s on properly, somehow by magic the nappy has become loose and this isn’t fun for parent or baby. Logan hates getting his nappy changed, so with these new pampers baby dry pants, nappy changes are so much quicker and easier and I don’t mind if Logan tries to escape because I don’t have them pesky tabs on either side to worry about.

The only real negative thing I have to say about these pull up style baby pants is that they don’t really solve the issue of poop explosions, I think it’s down to the super stretchy waistband so whenever Logan’s done a massive leaky number it doesn’t really do a good job of containing it as it does tend to ride up his back. But it does do a fantastic job of holding his pee, even overnight and there is still enough absorbency I feel to last more longer than 12 hours, but no one would want to be in a full nappy for that long.

Daddies View – I think these nappies are genius! Especially for me because i hate those annoying sticky tabs you get on other nappies, because i can never tell how tight to fasten them, but with these baby dry pants you dont need to worry about that! Oh and they do a great job of keeping Logan nice and dry even when he does have a full nappy.

I will definitely be sticking to this brand of nappy from now on, so I’ve done some online snooping and checked out some of the best deals for you if you wanted to get your hands on some of these nappies yourself.
Amazon – With a RRP of £16.50 are actually £9.40 for a Pack of 94 (SIZE 4) this is a great deal if you’re already a prime member! But if you’re not a member don’t fear because there is actually a 30-day trial for you to take advantage of! You can check out this prime deal here!

Asda/supermarkets – After scouring the internet for the cheapest supermarket to buy these Pampers baby dry pants, Asda and Morrison’s seem to be the cheapest at £10 a box. You can buy the Pampers baby dry pants by clicking this link also!

In my honest opinion, these Pampers baby dry pants are simply awesome, i love them so much! The fact they have easy to tear sides makes taking the nappy off a piece of cake, and the fact that they act as a pull-up means i can get them on quicker and with less fuss! They are definitely worth buying and paying that little bit extra, especially if you have a baby or twins that are about to start crawling away. Great Job Pampers! Now all you have to do is design a nappy that can contain Logan’s poop explosions 😛

Great Job Pampers! Now all you have to do is design a nappy that can contain Logan’s poop explosions 😛

Did you know?

You can download the Pampers club app on your smartphone and start saving on all Pampers products! Click the image below to take you to the pampers club website to find out more.

Pampers club

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14 thoughts on “Pampers baby dry pants *Review*

  1. Pampers are terrible for containing poo. So many nappies have leaked for me. I found the baby dry pants size 4 weren’t good enough for overnight as it leaked (all the way through a mattress protector) but maybe their 4+ would fare better.

    Good review Maria. 👍🏻

    1. Thank you, glad you liked it, After all i do look up to you and your opinion means a lot to me 🙂 To be honest i haven’t yet found a nappy that contains a poop explosion XD

  2. I recently bought some of these whilst on offer as when I saw the ad of the baby rolling and crawling away, I could only relate that to bear in his best mood haha! They’re so easy to put on when little one is trying to get away from you as fast as he can haha! I also love the tabs at the back, even though I put all our nappies in nappy sacks, I found this so so helpful! Xx

  3. I love Pampers nappies and have used them since birth for both of my children. They were the only nappies that didn’t leak, the only other nappies that don’t leak are Lidl ones surprisingly, they remind me of Pampers with the same soft material. Great review!

  4. We feel like we’ve tried every nappy out there! Haven’t progressed to the pants style ones yet – I somehow manage to still pin Piglet down to get them on but I’m sure that won’t last much longer!

    We’re a big fan of the + sizes though. A 4+ is much better on Piglet than a 4!

  5. Max practically lived in Pampers when he was a babe. I have just treated Kai to a bag of the giga pampers because they were on offer in Asda and they seem to have lasted for ages. This new style is genius, there like pull ups but with the absorbency of a nappy. think a lot of other brands will follow suit with this design.

  6. They’re called a poo-spolosion for a reason 😂 No nappy or nappy pants can contain those number threes!
    I wish it wasn’t so hard to get my hands on Pampers here in Australia! They aren’t for sale in any stores I have seen, so only online!

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