Organix finger foods review (carrot sticks)

Organix finger foods review (carrot sticks)

While I was in town yesterday I was looking through the baby food section and thought well seeing as we’re doing BLW with Logan and he seems to be OK with the food I’ve offered so far I thought I’d pick up some of these Organix carrot sticks (yes they are basically bigger wotsits) but nonetheless Logan actually really loved them and since they melt in the mouth I wasn’t worried at all about him choking.

Obviously I just offered him a few as a snack while I was going around town seeing as I couldn’t exactly let him eat whatever it was me and rob ate for lunch (KFC) 😛

Even though it states 7+ months on the pack, I’m pretty sure that’s just a guideline as he devours them in minutes!

Oh and yes he is hwearing a 1st Christmas bib as we had his photos done at Max Spielmann yesterday, can I just say how cute he was and we’ll behaved sitting up for his photo.

So yes mummy’s / Daddy’s if you have a baby whose about 6 months and your BLW why not give these finger foods a try! There a hit with logan.

Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan

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