National Pokemon day Tag!

National Pokemon day Tag!

  • So yesterday was National Pokemon Day, I cannot believe I forgot but being a busy mum I totally didn’t realise until last night but by that point I was tired beyond writing words for this tag. I came across a tag on the #bloggintribe over on Twitter, click here to see Kim’s answers.

This took me what felt like forever to write up, just because I haven’t played a Pokemon game for a while, since my 3DS broke(sad times). But yes I have always loved Pokémon, ever since I was a little girl, and I remember opening my first pack of Pokémon cards and I was instantly hooked and had to “collect em’ all so here are my answers to the Pokémon tag (Pokémon will probably appear quite ALOT In this post)

Favourite Pokémon? –

    Shinx (my first ever hatched shiny Pokemon)
  1. Least favourite Pokémon? – Conkledurr because he’s just ugly in my opinion
  2. Favourite starter Pokemon? – Squirtle because originals Rock and Blastoise is awesome!
  3. Favourite eeveelution? – Umbreon- I have a tattoo of it
  4. Favourite legendary Pokemon? – the sadly unobtainable Mew
  5. Most adorable Pokémon? – Shinx because he just is, don’t you agree !
  6. Most amusing Pokémon? – Exeggutor
  7. Most terrifying Pokémon? – I don’t think any of them are terrifying but if I had to pick one I’d say Banette
  8. Favourite new Pokemon from X and Y? – Hmm Froakie
  9. Favourite Pokémon type? – Fire
  10. Least favourite Pokémon type? – Bug
  11. Favourite Pokémon attack/move? – Earthquake
  12. Favourite trainer type? – Double team
  13. Your gym leader specialty? – Bug
  14. Favourite region? – Kanto
  1. Favourite location? – Lumiose city (from x&y)
  2. Most relatable Pokémon – Marill
  3. Favourite gym leader – Bugzy
  4. Favourite elite 4 member/champion? – Drasna (X&Y)
  5. Favourite professor – Professor Sycamore
  6. Favourite pokemon bad guy – Team Skull
  7. Favourite rival – Gary
  8. A friend-relatable Pokémon – Pikachu
Cake made for my 21st birthday 🍰
  1. Most useful Pokémon- Flying type (Dragonite)
  2. Favourite animal Pokémon – Furret
  3. Favourite coloured Pokémon? – Jolteon
  4. Favourite game? – X and Y
  5. What did you nickname your rival? – Robbie 😒
  6. Favourite pokemon tune or song? – Definitely the Pokemon theme song! Because “I wanna be the the very best that no one ever was”!
  7. Most nostalgic element? – Probably finding Red Gyarados In Soul Silver

FUN FACT – I won a signed by Victoria Taylor (voice of original Ash Ketchum) Pokemon pillow

I also owned the 4 original Promo cards from the movies

Don’t forget to pin this for later!

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  1. Aw, thank you for doing this tag. I loved reading your answers, it’s got me all nostalgic again! I wonder if I can find out my Gameboy colour from the loft. 🤔 Your Umbreon tattoo is lovely, the colours are great on it. Love your pillow signed by Victoria Taylor! My sister met her at comic con a few years ago and picked me up a signed picture.

  2. I used to love Pokemon when I was younger my favourite will always be Pikachu. I always find tag posts so good to know more about people

  3. Not a huge pokemon fan but when my middle child was needing to up his exercise, we started going for 2 or 3 kilometre walks around the city catching Pokemon. It was a great way to bond and check in with him, and get the movement happening (and the outdoors thing!). I miss those walks #TriumphantTales

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