My Mirena Coil (IUS) and Me

My Mirena Coil (IUS) and Me

How i've found life since having the Mirena coil inserted, the before the process and the after affects

Life before Mirena and what is it…

If you didn’t know what the Mirena coil was, you’d probably be reading this like, “What on earth are you going on about?” and “Who is Mirena…?”. I don’t blame ya, it does sound like a person’s name, but in fact, the Mirena coil is an intrauterine system. 

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“The Mirena is a small plastic T-shaped contraceptive device that contains the active ingredient levonorgestrel. It is an intrauterine system (IUS) that is inserted into the womb”

The main reason why I decided to look at getting the Mirena coil, was because I knew for certain that I didn’t want any more babies for a while. I mean, I want my boys to be in full-time education, and I want to be engaged and able to work and support us without having to rely on the Government (But that’s a whole new blog post in itself). Anyway, this method protects you from unwanted pregnancies for up to 5 years!

When I met Ben – my boyfriend -, I knew that I’d have to go on some form of contraception. We had a brief conversation about what I should go on and I brought up the Mirena, to which he was a bit freaked out about at first…until I told him the pros of having it.

So before I had the Mirena coil fitted, I was looking into all the pros and cons as you do, and when I do research about something, I do it very thoroughly. In fact, it took me a whole month to bite the bullet and just go for it. Part of me was nervous because you see all the horror stories, but then you see the more positive side which not a lot of people seem to be sharing – from what I’ve seen anyway. So, here’s my POSITIVE story and experiences with the Mirena coil.

The Process…

So, after I decided for 100% certain that I wanted an IUS/IUD fitted, I rang the nearest sexual health clinic near me and that was situated near the Wrexham Maelor. I told the receptionist on the phone what I wanted and asked how I go about it etc. She asked for my contact details, so I could be placed on their system, and then she gave me a date and time for my Mirena coil fitting.

(NOTE: They WILL NOT let you have the Mirena coil fitted if you have any doubt about being pregnant or haven’t yet had your period, so wait until Aunt Flo has been and no sexy time, just to be 100% guaranteed so you avoid any embarrassing and quite personal questions – something I didn’t consider or even know about until I turned up for my appointment, but was turned down and given strict orders to do what I said above^).

When you turn up for your appointment, the nurse makes you do a urine sample, so that they can – for their own piece of mind and also your own – test for any HCG traces in your urine. If all is clear, then you have the go-ahead, they talk you through the procedure; the pros and cons; and what you’ll feel like after. After that, they tell you to take some form of pain relief for the cramps afterwards and then you sign the consent form to say that you’re happy with everything and that you understand the risks involved.

They draw the curtains closed, the nurse(s) tell you to remove your underwear and cover your dignity with some of that cheap blue paper-like blanket, with all your downstairs exposed for the doctor to see. Following that, a nurse will come to comfort you, to which they’ll tell you how brave you’re being getting a plastic T object shoved into your cervix. Rest assured, I didn’t feel a thing. Maybe a slight pinch if that. The closest example I can think of is if you’ve ever had a smear test, then its basically that… but your bits are sort of kept open for a bit longer. Nevertheless, I can honestly tell you – hand on heart – it didn’t hurt. Although that maybe because of my high pain threshold, but trust me: you can do it!

A short while after, you get up and dressed, thinking “so now, I have 5 years of protection- YAY”, but please NOTE: this does NOT mean you’re protected from STI’S OR STD’S – it doesn’t give you bloody superpowers either, unless… hmm no, maybe not.

On the walk home from the clinic, I did start feeling a surge of hormones almost instantly and felt very warm, almost like a sudden hot flush. That also included mild cramps down below, almost felt like after pains of having a baby. so I went Poundland on route and picked up some of them paracetamol designed for period pains, took them and then I started to feel fine again. Finally getting home, I decided that I wanted a nap and a nice warm bath, which helped. It’s all normal and to be expected since you have this foreign object inside you, so you’re going to need an adjustment period and for me, it was about a week or two for everything to settle down.

For the first few months, you can bleed quite a lot almost daily (but only spotting so panty liners are your best friend in the early months following) and I remember getting quite frustrated with it, especially when I was getting intimate with my boyfriend. But since it wasn’t a lot of blood, it didn’t bother us too much, it was more a case of if I was feeling okay etc. (It can take up to 6 months for your body to adjust and for the bleeding to be at its lightest or not at all, which is where I’m at right now). So all I say to you is; be patient with it and stick with it, and you’ll soon notice an improvement with the bleeding before you even know it. Besides, it could be worse, from what I’ve read with the implant and the injection you can bleed consistently for weeks, and it can even be irregular bleeding, which I haven’t had while being on the Mirena!

The following lists, are from MY OWN experience and I cannot speak for every individual women who has had the Mirena coil fitted. Everyone reacts differently to the hormones.


  • No periods or very very light spotting when due on.
  • Libido increase
  • 5 years of protection against pregnancy
  • Weight loss (since being on it I have fluctuated but mostly lost more than gained)
  • No fuss – don’t need to remember to take any pills
  • No cramps
  • More surges in energy


  • No periods – this can be a funny one because having a period is a good thing really because it tells that you’re not pregnant, but when you don’t have a period then you don’t know, but I always have peace of mind when I check for the strings and confirm, yep its still there, yep still protected.
  • Following on from the last point,  the strings are awkward to locate at times
  • Acne – I have noticed more breakouts due to the surge in hormones, but only around the time I’m due on
  • Anxiety increase
  • Hot flushes
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Motivation decrease

6 Months later…

Can’t quite believe I’ve had this contraption inside me for about 6 months now, and I can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve made for myself, and it was definitely the right choice. Do I recommend it; HELL YES!! I don’t know what you want me to say because I’ve listed my version of pros v cons, so if you are considering getting the Mirena after reading my experiences with it; then… Great. Please do let me know if your opinions and thoughts, as I’d be interested to hear. If you’re still undecided, then that’s fine. Feel free to do some more research and ask your doctor for advice maybe. And if you know you don’t want it all after reading this then, I’m sorry to have scared you off. But I hope you do find a method that works for you!


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My experience with the Mirena Coil

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9 thoughts on “My Mirena Coil (IUS) and Me

  1. I was never brave enough to try the coil. had the shots instead which suited me, too old now to worry about birth control #triamphanttales@_karendennis

  2. I’m so glad to hear you’ve had a positive experience. I tried the mirena and it was hell. I had it removed after 9 months. My hormones went crazy, I bleed all the time, I was paranoid, I had a really bad time and it affeced my family. It wasn’t pleasant!! #TriymphantTales

  3. As I have PCOS, a way to treat the symptoms is to go on contraceptive – also great as condoms when married are a buzzkill.
    I can’t have the pill anymore due to migraines and on my second implant it didn’t help my symptoms unlike the first time. I was given the mini pill post twins and I bled consistently for six months like proper period, so I stopped and now waiting for hubby to talk to someone about getting the snip.
    My mum fell pregnant with me on the coil and it pierced the womb so I’m petrified it’ll happen to me and also the jab has made my friends gain so much weight and im trying to lose my baby weight!
    Its great to hear a positive story of the coil though!!! Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

  4. Great to read a positive experience with the coil. I’ve not been brave enough to have it, my sister had horrendous mood swings on it and its put me off incase I have the same! Thanks for linking up #twinklytuesday x

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