My Labour and Delivery Story

My Labour and Delivery Story

Logan Robert Jones – Only minutes old

One evening while watching EastEnders i noticed this really uncomfortable, yet bearable twinge in my lower abdomen, i thought nothing of it at first until it happened again about 10 minutes later, so i decided to start timing them as i thought this could be the real deal, i could be in early labour…turns out i was, these pains started to get more painful and less bearable until about 11pm i had to take a paracetamol and have a warm bath, the paracetamol did nothing.

The following day i started having more pains, stronger ones too, the kind you have to breathe through, so my mum rang and decided to pick me and Robbie up to stay at her house in case my labour progressed quickly and needed to get to the hospital.

Being a first time mum i did not know just how bad these pains/contractions where going to get, then at around 1am in the morning i couldn’t sleep through the contractions any more as they were just too uncomfortable and it felt like my uterus was being twisted 360 degrees for about 30 seconds before the pain subsides…my mum and robbie came downstairs with me to try and walk through some of them, but oh no you can’t walk through or even talk through a proper contraction, at this point i felt like i needed something stronger to help me ease some of the pain as i was so tired and exhausted having not been able to sleep for the past 12 hours, so my mum rang the labour ward and they told her i could take a co-codamol, which by the way didn’t touch the sides either.

So there’s me at 3am on Thursday morning pacing up and down the living room floor, trying to progress things, to get things moving along, it certainly felt like it was working as the contractions were getting much stronger and closer together, but by this point i was so sleep deprived and in pain that i couldn’t be bothered to time them anymore.

Every time i would try to get some shut eye another contraction came along to disturb me and wake me up, i knew i wasn’t making these pains up as it literally at one point put me in tears, as i was starting to not cope and breathe through them, so i’m still pacing the living room, but come 5 am my mum rang the labour ward to tell them i’m coming in as i just couldn’t stand being in that pain any longer, at this point the pains where coming every 4-6 seconds and lasting about 40 seconds, the strongest ones lasting an eye wincing 50 seconds.

I got to the hospital at around 6am, i got checked over in Blair Bell, they asked me to do a urine sample and lay on the bed, the cervical examination was not painful at all (nothing as uncomfortable as the sweep) the midwife said i was only 2cm dilated which kind of deflated me a little as i was so exhausted and was wondering just how long i’m gonna be in this pain for before baby makes his arrival, the midwife gave me 3 options i could either go home and labour there until i had progressed further, stay in hospital walking the corridors/stairs to get things moving or could stay in the labour ward and have a hot bath; i decided i would walk…try to walk the corridors and then come back up to the labour ward to have a bath, this was easier said than done especially with contractions radiating across your back and belly causing you to stop what seems like every 10 steps.

I was now in the labour ward at around 10am, i asked for some more pain relief, they gave me another co-cocodamol, which again did nothing to ease the pain, all i could do was breathe through them and hope for the best (p.s laying down during a contraction is the worst thing to do – keeping moving is best!)

My mum had decided to go home at this point just to get some stuff together, sort out her youngest, Robbie was still with me rubbing my back whenever i got a contraction, he did so well considering men don’t really understand what you’re going through, i couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

At around 11am the pains came on thick and fast and i knew there was something more progressive going on, so the midwife checked me over and said i was 4cm which was classed as established/active labour which even though meant the contractions where going to get worse, it also meant that it wouldn’t be too much longer before i met my little man.

So mum rushed back to the hospital and i got moved to the delivery suite, because i wanted a pool birth, they put me in this awesome room with an en-suite, massive hot tub type pool – without the bubbles of course.

My choices of pain relief was gas and air and the birthing ball, these two things is all i really needed to be honest as if i had anything stronger i wouldn’t have been able to deliver in the pool and there would have been a higher risk of medical intervention – i.e. forceps/episiotomy.

So after a few hours of bouncing on the ball and inhaling copious amounts of gas and air, i felt like i really needed to push (have a poo) i got in the pool and i felt like a tonne of weight had been lifted as the water was so nice and was supporting my back and belly, at this point the gas and air was totally making me feel as high as a kite but still aware of the pain but not so much my surroundings, its true what they say you will know when to push, and sometimes its not even you pushing its the force of the contraction that pushes for you, the pushing part wasn’t too bad, was actually a relief, well until it came to pushing the head out, that stang like a b*tch, but as long as i had gas and air it was fine, manageable at no point did i say i can’t do this!

Even though i was so sleep deprived, you find the energy within you push this baby out and greet him into this big wide world!

At 5:52pm Logan Robert Jones was born into my arms as i caught him coming out from beneath me, it was the most surreal, exhilarating moments of my life, nothing can compare to that feeling of holding your just born son/daughter!

Looking at my notes i was in the 1st stage of labour for around 5 hours and 35 minutes (this does not count the days/hours that i’d spent labouring at home. I was in the 2nd stage of labour for 12 minutes (this is the part where i push baby out in the pool) and finally the 3rd stage where i was delivering the placenta, that took 7 minutes.

After i delivered my baby i got out of the pool, cord/placenta still attached they checked me over and said i need 3 stitches as i had a very small 2nd degree tear which didn’t frighten me so much as nothing could have been more painful than the contractions and delivering babies head!

Skin to skin was very important for me as it helped my bond with logan even though I had no doubts whatsoever that i wouldn’t have had such a strong bond anyway, even though I chose not to breastfeed, it was still lovely to have him lay on me. Those moments where priceless, and you can never get them back, well unless you have another baby!

Well I think I’ve covered everything, if there’s something I’ve missed out please let me know or if I remember I’m sure I’ll update this post and let you know.

Thanks for reading.

Keep smiling πŸ˜„ ~mummytologan


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