My goals for 2017!

My goals for 2017!

I’ve been putting off writing this post for exactly 9 days now, just because I needed to properly think about what I wanted to get out of this year, as every year I seem to say the same things and never stick to them, so I am hoping if I blog my goals/resolutions then it might just motivate me enough to continue and work towards my goals both short and long-term. I’ve decided to divide my goals into personal and blogging goals.

Personal Goals

Eat less, do more – This one has been a reoccurring goal of mine ever since I hit my 20’s, I always start diets and cut out a lot of things all at once and then feel deprived and end up slipping back into my old ways, so to combat this i am just going to cut out 1 thing every month and hope for the best, so this month I have said I’m giving up energy drinks, because I am guilty of drinking more than 1 a day, especially when I’ve had a rough night and felt sleep deprived, instead I am going to be drinking juice, water, healthy smoothies, and the diet/sugar-free versions of fizzy pop.

Be more active  Linking on to the previous paragraph, I want to get more active, even if that means walk instead of getting a taxi, get off the bus 1 or 2 stops earlier, get out at least once a day even if its to pop to the local shops (Fresh air is the best medicine), attend the local leisure centre and stop chickening out of going because of the fear of being judged or laughed at over my figure, because i suppose everyone there is going for the same reason – to lose weight or just keep trim. (This goal may be a bit more difficult as we’re approaching a cold blitz so if it snows walking out with the pram will be a no go as we live on a massive hill, which gets very slippery even when wet)

Drink more water – This one goes without saying, as we’ve all been told how important it is to drink enough water but honestly, we don’t all do it, well i haven’t and to help me drink more water I have bought myself one of those water bottles that people use at the gym to hope that it reminds me to drink water especially if I carry it around with me. And I just want to try and be as healthy as possible because I’m definitely overweight and I know that, I just need that kick up the backside to do something about it.

Make more time for me – Again this one is another self-conscious related goal because I’ll be honest, since having Logan I’ve not treated myself to any new clothes and I’ve basically been living in men’s t-shirts and sweatpants, which are so comfy but I’m starting to feel a bit of a slob and that’s not what I want Logan to see me as, i want to be one of them mums on the playground that is cool and respected, so I will try and spend some of the money i get on myself and maybe, just try and brush up on my appearance because with my anxieties it does bother me how i look and what other people are saying about me.

Spend more quality time with Rob – I’ll be honest here, as i always am but mine and rob’s relationship has had its ups and downs and for the most part it’s all been great with no serious arguments, only petty disagreements about silly day-to-day stuff. And since Logan’s arrival I have been a bit distant just because all my time and attention is taken up by him and Rob probably feels abandoned but I do try to put aside time to just have a chat or talk about his morning at work has been but it just gets so lost in midst of everything, and before you know it, it’s bedtime and I’m knackered so can’t perform or Logans woken up. So this year I am going to try and get a babysitter for Logan and go on at least one date a month where it’s just me and Rob.

 Blogging Goals

Schedule more posts – I’m saying this because it will help me be a bit more consistent and maybe have set blogging days, I’m not saying i want to blog every day but say 3 days a week and maybe dedicate 1 day to working on my social networking and sharing my posts and replying to new followers and tweets, however I am guilty of spending far too much of my time on social media, it’s more of an addiction than a chore if I’m honest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter being the main ones.

Gain more followers – This is a long term/ ongoing goal of mine because, I’m pretty sure unless you’re a pretty famous or part of the royal family then no one gets hundreds of followers in a day, a realistic goal for my by the end of 2017, I’m hoping to have around 50+ followers, anymore would be a bonus and just wanted to say that I am so grateful for the followers I do have now and appreciate every single one of you, even if I started blogging just as an outlet for when my days at home got a bit boring or should I say lonely. ♥

Write more meaningful content – Another thing I’m guilty of is writing blog posts that I’m not entirely passionate about, blogmas was a main contributor to that as I felt forced/pressured to write posts and get them out there just so I could say i took part in blogmas, when really the majority of my blogmas posts have been rushed and not a lot of thought had gone into them, that’s another reason why i didn’t want to rush getting this post written up as i wanted to actually take my time and enjoy what I’m writing.

Go to at least one mummy group gathering – Not entirely blog related but it is something I want to do in order to blog about my experience of going to a mummy gathering, the only thing preventing me really is my anxiety and my fear of getting off at the wrong train stop or getting on the wrong bus and not being able to get back etc. But i’m hoping to attend the Chester or Liverpool gathering this year even if it kills me, as it will be lovely to meet Nicola at

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  1. The Liverpool meet is on 26th you should come! Bookk your train tix so you can’t back out! I’ve just booked mine to Leeds for Feb to meet a girl I met thru insta. Am shitting it but can’t back out now!

    Or maybe I should just come to Wrexham? I can drive over xx

  2. Great goals for the new year! I have to really be conscious of the temptation to post random posts instead of quality content. I have to force myself to be patient!

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