My blog is eligible for an award #TribalChat

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I am super excited to announce that my blog is in the running for a blogging award, now which one i win or more to the point, if i win any at all is down to you guys, my lovely loyal readers, i hate begging, so I’m just going to say that if you would like to vote for me that would be bloody amazing, but if you don’t then that’s fine too, there’s no legal obligation to vote, i still love you!

What are the awards, you may ask? Well, i’ll tell ye in as few short sentences as I possibly can. Tribal Chat has teamed up with Paledone who sell lovely photo gifts! The main prize I’m interested in is one of these very snazzy blog badges for my sidebar! You can find out more about the prizes and all the other award categories by clicking this link.

Onto the awards, I’d love to win

The first award I would love to considered for is the Dedication award.

I would really love to win this particular award because I feel like I have been dedicated to my blog, more so now that I’ve rebranded and changed my whole blog domain over from my old blog mummytologan. Switching domains and coming up with a new identity takes dedication because I’ve had to deal with the fact my DA (Moz score) has completely reset to 0, whereas before it was 20 something and i was quite proud of that.

I also feel worthy (if ya like) for this dedication award because sticking to a daily linkie such as #Blogtober is quite the challenge, especially when you have to think up content, images, proper SEO descriptions every day for 31 days!

So if you feel like this is reason enough to vote me in this category then that’s amazing and I appreciate it a lot!

The second award I would be over the moon to win is the Rising star award.

This award I guess is more an “in my dreams” type award because I imagine my blog is quite low in the rankings for this one, but as my motto goes “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”.

So my reason’s for wanting to win this is personally because the term “Rising Star” is just cool and to have this badge sitting in my sidebar, would look amazing and it would tell other bloggers, PR’s and companies that my blog is rising up through the ashes and slowly becoming a award-winning blog (lol what?)

Oh god, i really hate self gratification, but it’s kinda necessary for this post, so if you think my blog is worthy of this rising star award then, i’d love votes for this one!

There is an option for a 3rd vote, but I struggled to think of which category to go for, so if you could do the honors and put me forward for any of the awards you think suits my blog best (The power is in your hands!)

Voting Closes on the 16th of October, so there isn’t long left. Best be quick and get those votes in!

Now for the rules – Please read before making your vote!!

  • Please note, if you see an award category on the voting page that you think would be more suiting to my blog then feel free to vote me in that category but you can only vote for me in a MAXIMUM of 3 categories! If my blog is voted for in every category by a voter, the votes will be voided!
  • You don’t have to fill in all the categories if you don’t want to, blank spaces are fine.
  • Voting is open from 1st October until 16th October.

Click here to vote for me in the tribal chat blogging awards!

Click here to see all the possible voting categories.

And click here, if you’re feeling sad and fancy a cry!

Until next time, me and Logan want to say thank you for any votes! 🙂













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5 thoughts on “My blog is eligible for an award #TribalChat

  1. Mrs Mummy Harris

    Good luck lovely! I considered writing a post for myself but I really find it hard to find reasons why I should be picked above other amazing bloggers!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!


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