My Alphabetical Year in Review! 2016

My Alphabetical Year in Review! 2016

Big thanks to the lovely Valerie over at livinglighterinatlanta  for posting the original Alphabetical year in review, so i thought i would give this a go myself, wish me luck. Feel free to take part also and don’t forget to shout out the previous person for giving you the inspiration the write the post.

A: Anxiety – A constant battle

B: Blog – started this blog in September

C: Chatterbox – A fun filled Wednesday morning for both me and Logan

D: Dinosaur – Logan’s nursery is dinosaur theme

E: Engaged – Rob proposed to me in August 2016

F: Fibre optic – we’ve recently upgraded our BT service so now we have super fast internet

G:  Gaming – I played a lot of Black ops 3 this year

H: House – we moved into our new house in February

I: Instagram – Lots of baby spam over on my Instagram page and I’m not guilty (Mummytologanxx)

J: January i turned 23 years young 😉

K: Kind – I’ve met a lot of kind , wonderful people in 2016

L: Logan, my son was born on the 19th of May 2016

M: Nicola  i made a new Instagram/twitter friend, go check her blog its great!

N: Nightmare Before Christmas – I watched it, was pretty good!

O: Oyster – got Logan a new pram yesterday the Oyster

P: Pokemon Sun and Moon – well this game is just awesome

Q: Quiz – this post in itself is a kind of quiz

R: Robert – My fiance got a new job in April at Home bargains

S: Sweep – I had a sweep on the Sunday prior to Logan’s due date

T: Tattoo – I got my first tattoo 4 weeks ago

U: United States – Have got a lovely friend over in the US! (Hi Madeline)

V: Vaccinations – I hated when logan had to have his vaccines.

W: Weaning – We started weaning logan onto solids at 6 months old

X: Xray – had an x-ray on my teeth today at the dentist

Y: Youtube – I started making YouTube videos again

Z: Zombie – Sleepless nights with logan are not fun, i feel like a zombie most of the time

Thanks for reading – this probably was one of the harder posts to write. Let me know if you do it too, would love to read your year in review!!

Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan.

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