My all time favourite technology

My all time favourite technology

This blog post is in association with Ebuyer, for their 20th anniversary.

For this post, I have teamed up with Ebuyer to talk about technology and how much it has evolved over my entire life, I’ll also be listing my favourite technology from my time.

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Funny me writing about my favourite technology takes me back to my university days where I actually had to write a piece on emerging technology and how it’s advanced, so when this opportunity arose I couldn’t resist, except this time, I won’t have to submit it via Moodle for grading 😉

My favourite technology (In no particular order)


I actually put out a poll on Twitter and I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people think that the smartphone is definitely the best tech to come out of the last 2 decades, myself included.
fave technology Twitter poll

I think we can all agree that cellphone technology has advanced so much in the last 20 years, well I’m only 26 so I haven’t exactly experienced all the technology the past 2 decades have thrown at us but I’ve seen through a fair bit, and I am so grateful for whoever invented smartphones.

Motorola cellphone

This, believe it or not, was my very FIRST cellphone, back in 2009 when Katie Price and Peter Andre were in the Celebrity Jungle, I remember that because I had credit on this phone and I used it on voting when it should have been for emergencies only, sorry mum! I also remember where it came from and how much my dad paid for it in a car boot sale, £2.50 charger an all! Bloody bargain!

Shortly after this, I had a red Siemens phone for my birthday, and to be honest it was a damn sight better than the Motorola one let me tell you, and I was still only in school when I had this phone so I couldn’t be too picky, besides smartphones as they’re known today weren’t really a thing back siemens phone

I’ve also owned Nokia phones, Samsung, Lg, and Blackberry, but as with every technology, it evolves and just like that we are here in the present day, and I’m now blessed with the glorious iPhone 6s on Pay as you go, it’s my best phone I’ve ever owned and I’ve been through a fair few in my time. I’m not biased between Android and Apple, I’ve just always liked the simplicity of the iPhone, and not to mention the camera quality is great, especially with its Live capture mode, not only does it capture the moment it records a little snippet of the moment so you can edit to get the best pose or shot or simply just to remember that happy memory.

Gaming Consoles

My first ever gaming experience was on one these bad boys! Yes the SegaMega drive, I never owned it, it was my Auntie’s and every time we would go round to my nan’s house, I’d be the first to ask if I could play on “That mickey mouse game”, LOVED IT! Never really got to go on it that much because my mum bought us our first gaming console to share (both me and my older brother) It was the Classic PlayStation 1, Oh the good times we had spent on that!
sega megadrive
classic playstation 1I’ve always been the Geek/nerd of the family, and no one quite understood me, since I wasn’t the “girly girl” type who’d play with Barbies, and dress up like a Princess, No! I aspired to be like CoCo in crash team racing and Zelda(Though technically she is a Princess)!

The quality of video gaming has also drastically improved over the last 2 decades, I remember owning a Gameboy pocket and thinking this black and white lark is a bit dull, so then I got given for Christmas a Gameboy colour and I thought it was the best thing I’d ever seen, had Pokemon and Super Mario on it and that’s all I’d ever play for months.

I’ve always loved Nintendo for its handheld systems, just the ability to play games on the go and take your game with you anywhere, something the larger consoles couldn’t give you, raise your hand if you sneakily took your Gameboy colour/advance into school and played it on your lunch break?nintendo 3ds xl

Of all the gaming consoles I’ve owned, my all time favourites are the Playstation 4 and Nintendo 3ds XL.

My favourite technology that was implemented onto the 3DS, is probably the StreetPass aspect which uses NFC (Near Field Communication) which simply allows your 3ds to communicate with any that are nearby and that is turned on/in stand by mode. The reason why I love StreetPass is that not only does it reward you for taking your 3ds out with you, it allows you to play mini-games and collect puzzle pieces and unlock tonnes of beautiful artwork.

Now let’s talk about the PlayStation 4, shall we?

Ps4 controller
my Ps4 controller

Not only can you play PlayStation games in your console you can watch Blueray DVD’s as well so it acts as a Blueray player as well as a gaming console!! Also if you went with the PS4 Pro you would be able to run your games in 4k Resolution.

Just mentioning those 2 features is a big jump from the predecessors, plus I’ve never really owned a PlayStation 3, I kind of went from ps1, ps2, Xbox 360 then Ps4.

Now I’m just waiting for the arrival of the PS5 and what exclusives it’ll give us. And please Sony, can you include USB ports in the back of the PlayStation as well as the front? Thank you


It’s mad how much PC’s have grown and evolved over the years. I always looked up to people who owned a computer when I was in school because they just seemed more superior to us and didn’t have to rely on going to the local library every Saturday to do research for a homework assignment. Until one day when my mum brought this monstrosity home, at the time I thought it was the bee’s knees, I got to do my homework on word 98 and play floppy disc games.

Sadly my laptop has broken so I’m deemed to blog on my mobile for now until I can save those pennies for a new one.

Whether you are looking for a cheap laptop, top-of-the-range ultrabook or something in-between, has a huge selection available at fantastically low prices.

Communication technology has also changed over the years because of computers as well. Nowadays we would email or interact with total strangers sometimes, via twitter, facebook or Instagram, there’s even live-streaming services such as Younow and Twitch. Now there’s even less communication over the phone and face-to- face meetings. These days if you had a job interview you could ‘facetime’ them and talk that way, which you can see demonstrated in the film “The Internship”, do you have the “Googliness?”.

Have computers changed our world too much? What do you think?

Last but not least…

Smart TV’s

smart tv technology

The last piece of Technology I wanted to mention in this blog post are Smart telly’s.

Want to access apps such as BBC iPlayer, stream films on Netflix or surf websites on the big screen? You can do all this with a smart TV.-

I am so so grateful for the existence of smart tv’s, it’s so much easier to access all the programmes you want all under one device and using your Tv remote, without the need of switching between multiple devices, so if you’re bored of watching something on Netflix, you can easily switch over to Youtube or any other streaming service you want.

The first telly I remember was this huge bulky square thing, which was very grainy and hardly got signal, never had wifi or anything and I don’t even know if Smart TVs were a thing when I was little. And then they came out with DVD/VCR TV’s and I said I wanted one in my bedroom..but I never got one, my cousin did though and I was very jealous.

Honorable mentions

  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi/ Fiber Optic
  • Digital cameras
  • VR technology
  • Tablets
  • Hybrid cars
  • Smart watches
  • Google glass

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4 thoughts on “My all time favourite technology

  1. Firstly, congrats on this collab! It’s amazing how far technology has come in the last twenty years! I remember going back further and the HUGE black bricks that were the original mobiles and car phones before bluetooth existed… I’m now showing my age argh!
    Thank you for sharing this with us a t#TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

  2. you took me back with this post. I remember in high school I had one friend who had a computer and dial up internet. Now our kids play with a tablet and try to touch the tv screens to change the channel! LOL

    1. Aw yeah my nanny had dial up and every time the known rang the internet would cut off and worst thing I was doing my homework there as she had a laptop I didn’t x

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