Movies I loved growing up #Blogtober2017

Movies I loved growing up #Blogtober2017

movies I loved growing up #Blogtober2017 - Wrexhammama

This year I thought it would be super exciting to take part in #Blogtober2017 if you don’t know what that is, then hop along to Hexmum’s blog (Mandi) and you can take a looksie. I have also decided that I’m going to go all Stealth mode with these posts, as i don’t want to spam my homepage with blogtober, but don’t worry I’m still taking part! – You can also click on my blogtober image in the sidebar.

Day 13 of Blogtober is all about Movies. There are so many movies that i love, was so tough narrowing it down and not going overboard, but the movies listed are the ones that stick out in my brain whenever i think of childhood. Let me know which ones you hae or haven’t seen.

Bedknobs & Broomsticks


A favourite of mine for so many reasons, reminds me so much of a sunday afternoon eating Sunday roast with my family. I was always so fascinated how they made the human actors interact with the animations. And singing along to the songs in the film was always something i enjoyed.

The Fox & the Hound

Fox and the Hound

Another Disney classic. The Fox and the hound has got to be one of my favourite disney films, it’s got 2 of my favourite things in it, Dogs and Foxes! It;s such a lovely story, and the start always got me emotional when the older lady abandoned Todd (the fox) at the side of the road.

The Wizard of Oz

The wizard of oz

No word of a lie, i probably watched this every Sunday without fail, as much as i hated the wicked witch, everything else was brilliant, the Scarecrow is probably my favourite out of the characters that Dorothy meets on her travels along the yellow brick road.

The Parent Trap (1998)

Another movie that reminds me of my childhood, i always remember feeling happy watching this, and then wanting the girls to figure out they were actually twins (like its not obvious). I have also seen the original version of The parent trap and that was pretty good too.

Good Burger

Good burger

Who else has seen this movie? It is probably one of the best in my opinion, it’s funny, Ed is hillarous especially when he pops up from inside the milkshake machine! Luckily i got to watch it again on Netflix! #nostalgia I remember going out to blockbuster with my mum one afternoon and we got to pick a film each, and this was one of the movies that i chose. I reccomend you all watch this if you haven’t!


Until tomorrow’s blog post (Prompt is Novels) – cya x

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