Logan’s first night in his own room 😥

Logan’s first night in his own room 😥

You did read correctly, yes, last night I made the very brave decision to put Logan in his own room, I had been thinking about it for a while but never got round to it, or I hadn’t had the baby monitors but last Friday I bought these really cheap audio baby monitors which you plug into the wall (will do a review at some point) and so I had no excuse really, It was around 4pm before Logan’s last nap of the evening I had moved his cot from my bedroom into his room, and I had put logan in his own room for that nap and he settled rather quickly in my arms and didn’t wake up when I put him in his cot which he usually does do, and he had about a half an hour nap which was expected as that is one of the shorter naps of the day.

So he had his tea, bottle, bath and some playtime and rob (the OH) went and took logan upstairs into his room, and I was so anxious and nervous at this point, I was just thinking “tonight’s going to be a long night” as I didn’t think he’d sleep for long, but to my surprise he slept really well from 9pm he started fussing at 1am I only went in, put his dummy back in without eye contact, rubbed his back and he fell straight back to sleep until 3am for a bottle/cuddles but he didn’t settle straight away so I brought him into my room for a bit and when he fell asleep I slowly carried him back to his bedroom and off he went to sleep until 8am, so to be honest we had a pretty good night’s sleep, and I am so proud as I think he’s got another tooth coming in as well as he’s dribbling really bad again.

I am just hoping that tonight will be the same or better yet not waking for 3am feed, but we shall see because he still only has about 3 7oz bottles a day which I know doesn’t sound a lot but with BLW and baby porridge it does fill him up, if someone can tell me how many bottles he should be having at 7 months old then I’d love to know.

Here’s to another good sleep tonight and many more to come.

And if you’re thinking about putting your little ones in their own room, then just give it a try I say, you can always bring them back in your room if they are not ready, and if you have already made that transition; how did it go? Do you think there sleep has gotten better/worse, let me know.

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  1. I had to transition my youngest out of our room rather early for my liking, but my bedroom shrunk and we can no longer fit his bassinet in our room. We have 3 boys in what was a two bedroom house. My middle son, who just turned 2 in October had been in our room until recently because of that fact. My bedroom had been 2 at some point until the previous owner took down a wall. My husband and I put a wall up, and added a doorway to our hallway for access to the room. Now we have a 3 bedroom house, but without adding any square footage. 🙁 The 2 youngest now share the new room, and my 11 year old gets to stay in his original bedroom by himself. Unfortunately the kid’s rooms are larger than our new room. Oh well, they need the space more than my husband and I do. The transition has gone smoothly since the room is right next to ours, and we have a monitor that picks up the slightest sounds. My 2 year old is still in his crib, so those morning calls of “mommy, out” come through loud and clear.
    I am breastfeeding the youngest who is 13 weeks, so often times he will co-sleep with us after his early morning feeding.

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