Logan’s favourite books #Blogtober2017

Logan’s favourite books #Blogtober2017

Logan's favourite books #Blogtober2017

This year I thought it would be super exciting to take part in #Blogtober2017 if you don’t know what that is, then hop along to Hexmum’s blog (Mandi) and you can take a looksie. I have also decided that I’m going to go all Stealth mode with these posts, as i don’t want to spam my homepage with blogtober, but don’t worry I’m still taking part! – You can also click on my blogtober image in the sidebar.

Day 14 of Blogtober is all about Novels, but i’ll be honest with you I haven’t ever read a novel in my life as much as i’d love to just sit down and read a 1000 page plus masterpiece, it just isn’t my cup of tea, i’m far too impatient. Instead i’m going to share some cute pictures of Logan and his favourite books, that’s much more interesting anyway, right?

reading books in his walker

From a young age we’ve always encouraged Logan to look at books and sit down with with us and read a book, when he was a baby it was more the sensory type of books with the fluffy pages, shiny, reflective etc.

Logan loves Iggle Piggle
Loves the books with flip pages

We are at the local library in these pictures, he loves going there as there’s so many books to choose from, we’ve also took out a library card in his name which means we can take out up to 11 books and keep them for up to 4 weeks and there’s no penalty if we’re late returning them, which is awesome.

I really love reading to Logan, it’s probably one of my favourite time’s of the day because it means he’s learning new words and discovering new things.

Now that Logan is a rambunctious toddler, I wasn’t sure he’s still want to sit down and read with us, but he actually brings us his books which he wants us to read him, which i find super cute and i never turn his request down as i know it’s a good thing, not like he’s bringing me a tablet or ipad etc. So i’m always super willing to read to him, and daddy does too.

This morning Logan decided he would bring some of his favourite books on the sofa and just look through the pages pointing at the animals, he takes after me there as i’m an animal lover too. Since reading these books he has picked up some new words like, cat, bird and duck (but he says quack) and has also recenytly started saying baa because his favourite thing to watch on Netflix is Timmy Time.


Until tomorrow’s blog post (Prompt is Old Photos) – cya x




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  1. Wow, so he is being taught to read in Welsh!, and i want to know if he will be taught to speak in both? Also, at home do you speak to him in both, or speak all the time, you an Rob, in Welsh?
    He is a lovely little boy, and that is a lot coming from me as i am a fur baby person, despite loving my own kids, i didnt much go on other peoples kids, lol, but i really like this little guy:) Glad you read to him, and i love reading myself, though not so much books now as i am able to get to all sorts of articles of interest on the net.

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