Logan’s BLW feeding journey so far

Logan’s BLW feeding journey so far

We’ve been weaning Logan now for just over 6 months and it’s been one hell of a blw journey. I just can’t believe how fast he’s growing, I know I say it every single time I make some sort of Logan update but it’s true, being a FTM I didn’t quite know how fast it would go.

Let me start from the beginning of our weaning journey and then I’ll get to where we are at currently a bit later on. Starting from when Logan was around 16 weeks old we noticed that he wasn’t really getting full up from his usual oz bottle, we could have upped the formula but being a first time mum, I didn’t know if it was “allowed” so we made the decision to see how he goes with some plain, organic baby rice. The first time he tried it, he only had a spoonful but once he got used to the taste and texture he soon was wanting more.

I wasn’t really enjoying making my own purees or batch cooking, it’s very time consuming and so I started offering Logan more finger foods and whatever we were having for breakfast, lunch and Tea. I’m just so glad I don’t have to buy these jars anymore, i mean their convenient for days out but they don’t taste very nice in my opinion.

Weaning jars
How expensive are Jars to buy every week!

When he was about 6 months old he started having his favourite banana porridge and soft homemade banana pancakes. My initial weaning plans were to mainly do a combination of purees/jars and blw, but after a while, Logan stopped taking any interest in the purees and jars so we just switched over to solely BLW.

Moving onto present day, Logans now nearly 11 months old and he’s brilliant when it comes to eating, he will eat almost anything that I put in front of him, I’m so glad that he’s not a fussy eater. His favourite meals at the moment are Spaghetti bolognese (will be posting my recipe soon), Pancakes with berries and Toast with cheese spread and sliced tomatoes.

Offering me his Spaghetti x Love messy foods

This is Logan’s current BLW feeding schedule:

7 am – 8/9 oz bottle

10 am – Cereal (Porridge/toast or crumpets)

12 pm – Lunch (Sandwich/Fruit or pancakes)

2 pm – 6/6 oz Bottle

5 pm – Tea (Pasta, Fishfingers, veg, anything we’re having)

7 pm– 7/8 oz Bottle

If you would like me to do a day in the life type post where I share what we do for playtime etc then let me know

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