Logan’s 8 month update

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  • Completely crawling now
    • This I never expected would happen as he had no interest in it and got very frustrated when he was on his belly but all of a sudden he got onto all fours and started moving forward, i was completely amazed and had to record it. You can watch his first crawl moments here.
  • Pulling himself up to standing
    • He has actually been doing this for about a month and a bit already, he’s so strong on his feet and amazes me with his strength every single day. I predict that he will be walking by his 1st birthday :O
  • Got 3 teeth and another one coming in on top
    • Teething – every parent’s worst nightmare. Logan already has 3 bottom teeth and now has his 2 top ones coming in. I know this because he has rosy cheeks, usually on one side and refuses to let me brush his teeth (which isn’t like him as he used to enjoy me brushing them).
  • Very chatty says mum, gaga, he also loves pulling tongues and blowing raspberries
    • I love his little conversations he has with me, his dad and himself, he makes me laugh so much. Such a happy little chappy.
  • He’s in 6/9 month clothing but can squeeze into some 3/6 month tops
    • He’s quite tall, he’s definitely got his dad’s feet and hands! He is in mostly 6-9 month clothing but could squeeze into some 3-6 month t-shirts.
  • Loves his Jumperoo
    • Goes without saying, however, he does get fed up pretty easily but turn on the music and give him a different view of the room and he’s happy! Might I add it also causes poopy poop explosions…ALL the way up his back!
  • Has about 3/4 bottles a day 7/8 oz
    • He is a very hungry baby, sometimes he’ll drink 8oz bottles but before bed, he’ll only drink about 4 oz of the bottle.
  • He sleeps quite well but still doesn’t sleep through
    • I say this and he actually did sleep through last night (fingers crossed it’s not a fluke!) But usually, he’ll wake up once or twice a night just for the comfort or he’s dropped his dummy.
  • Sleep training going well
    • Got sleeping pretty much down to a T now, he has his bath with Johnsons bedtime bath, and his usual bedtime routine, and he’ll settle fairly quickly and not need to return to calm him, but the nighttime wakings are harder as he keeps wanting to hold my finger and seems to know when I’ve left the room as he cries but i try my best to do the 5/10 minute interval with CC.
  • BLW is going well he loves / will eat anything i put in front of him
    • Not much to say here, but he loves bananas, will eat veg and we’re still spoon feeding desserts and jars.
  • Haven’t had him weighed since HV visits stopped when he was 6 months
    • Hoping to get him weighed soon, going to ask the health visitor to come and weigh him. Or I’ll make doctors appointment to see how much he weighs. Or I’ll just do it myself and buy some scales.
  • Still going through a clingy phase and protests every time i try to leave the room
    • Leap 6! Has brought on a lot of new skills for Logan, he’s definitely found his feet and is on the move. Also very much a mummies boy as he doesn’t seem to cry when daddy leaves the room.
  • He will only fall asleep on his front now
    • This doesn’t worry me so much anymore because i know he can move should he get into a predicament. But i still like to make sure there’s only 1 blanket and no cot bumpers etc, because you can never be too sure.
  • Still enjoys the soothing lights/sounds of Ewan the dream sheep 
    • Has been one of the best investments I’ve made, helped Logan sleep much easier, however, I wish it lasted longer than 20 minutes.
  • Enjoys watching the cats chasing each other
    • This is so cute to watch, he definitely going to be an animal lover like me!
  • very funny and charming personality
    • I can’t wait to hear him talking properly, I just love when toddlers talk complete nonsense.


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