Logan’s 6 month update

Logan’s 6 month update


-sorry i’m always a day late with blogmas, i didn’t realise how difficult it was to blog/thing of something to blog about every single day.-

I cannot believe Logan will be 7 months old this Thursday, where has my baby gone? He is mastering all these new skills, i can’t keep up with him, he’s making a lot of effort to crawl, he no longer just wants to sit in his bouncer chair as he climbs out of it, he loves being on his feet he even made his first aided steps the other day which i couldn’t quite believe.

Things that have happened this month;

  • Sleep regression
    • waking at least once a night for feed/comfort
  • Rolling over
    • front to back
    • back to front
  • eating 2/3 meals a day
  • drinking 7/8 oz bottles
  • becoming increasingly more interested in his toys
  • has tantrums when something is taken from him
  • can sit totally unaided
  • is able to put objects in his mouth
    • improved hand-eye coordination

All in all this past month with Logan has had its highs and lows, but mostly we’ve enjoyed it as he’s getting more and more playful and laughs and loves to play peek a boo, which is his favourite game.

Logan has really come on with Baby led weaning and we now have hardly any gagging incidents, he’s had a wide variety of foods this month including banana pancakes and chicken pasta, i am still combo feeding so he will have jars as well as baby led just because i find that way a lot less stressful and i don’t constantly have to plan his next meals etc, especially if we’re out and about.



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