Logan’s 10 month update!

Logan’s 10 month update!

Woah, I honestly didn’t think I’d be making one of these update posts so soon. It seriously doesnt feel like it’s been a month since the last one. My son is growing up too quick!

Logan has come on leaps and bounds over the last 4 weeks, his little personality shines more every day and he just loves to smile and is such a happy, content little boy.

He is so strong on his feet now, and is a pretty nifty mover, he loves to surf around using the furniture and he has only recently started standing unaided for a couple of seconds and has even taken 1 or 2 steps, which I’m super proud of him for, but that only means one thing; we will have a walker on our hands before we know it!

BLW is going really great, in fact I don’t even see it as weaning anymore as he’s just been so good with his food and will eat pretty much anything and everything we put in front of him, and we don’t even offer him jars anymore as he’ll eat whatever me or rob are having.

Logan has also learnt this month how to say no to something, by physically shaking his head, for example, if he doesn’t want any more to eat he will shake his head if I ask him if he wants something he will shake his head. Whether it’s a coincidence I don’t know but I’m still pretty amazed that he’s learning what he does and doesn’t want to do already, and to be able to let us know.

This month he has tried a couple new fruits, grapes (quartered length ways) and clementine’s, he loves both of them and doesn’t even drop any on the floor like he does with most of his other foods.

He loves to babble, a lot! He loves talking to himself in any reflection he can find – fireplace, mirror, my phone camera. He is still mainly saying mumma, and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard him say dadda and babba a few times.

His night time sleeping has gotten a lot better, even if the whole sleep training has gone out of the window, the main thing is we’ve found a method that works for us and him and that’s what matters. He only wakes up once or twice mostly for comfort but we still offer him milk whenever we think he may need it.

He has become a lot more cuddly lately, whether that just be a sign for him to tell us he’s tired or he’s hungry but whenever he wants picking up, he will come over to me say mumma and hold his arms up, or lay his head on my lap (I can’t complain, I love his cuddles).

He loves his new activity table which we bought him, in fact, he uses it to get around, which is funny as that’s what we got him the walker for lolz. But he loves being able to stand up, as opposed to sitting down with his toys all the time.

Activity Table

We’ve also discovered that he can climb the stairs like a pro (supervised obviously), we haven’t let him scale all the steps but about half way he climbed without wobbling.
He doesn’t really have any dislikes other than anything covering his feet. I don’t know If there’s a more underlying issue there, or if there’s something hurting him on his feet. But he does take after his dad in that department as Rob hates having his feet touched too.

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