Logan’s 1 year update! (THE BIG ONE)

Logan’s 1 year update! (THE BIG ONE)

Today I will be doing Logan’s 1 year update, Sorry for being a tad late with getting this out but it has been one of those milestones where a lot has happened and the past few weeks have involved a lot of doctors visits and copious amounts of calpol.


This has been a very anticipated milestone for Logan, but I can proudly say that he is now officially on the move and there is definitely no stopping him now, he hardly crawls and he is walking all over the living room and now follows us literally everywhere (Well as far as the baby gates).

He is really steady on his feet and can even get from a crawling to standing to walking in seconds, i’m super proud of him for getting this far and not far after his 1st birthday.


As I posted recently, we have such a dream toddler (touch wood) and hopefully its not a phase and then he won’t just suddenly start waking hourly again. But yeah has been such an amazing sleeper and i’m getting my full 9 hours sleep as i go to bed around 10/11 pm  and he wakes us up at 6/6.30am.


When i say talking I don’t mean he is actually talking but has started saying more recognisable words and copying a lot of noises, like cat, car, mum, dad. He still has his dummy for comfort and sleeping, I really don’t know if I could deprive him of that comfort yet, he’s still only a baby to me.


A day before his 1st birthday, the Health visitor came over and weighed Logan, and he weighed 19lbs and 6oz but probably weighs a lot more than that now. She didn’t take his height but he is quite tall I think, his dad is around 6ft and i’m around 5ft 6in so we’re not tiny.


In terms of clothes, it varies between 9-12 and even some 1-2 size clothing fits him, shoes he’s in size 4 I think but still need to get his feet measured for his 1st pair of trainers.


In terms of Logan’s current eating schedule, he is doing great, he’s eating 2/3 meals a day as well as snacks and water/juice, and he enjoys mummy’s home cooked meals and fresh peaches and oranges. He is now drinking cows milk and has been since a day before his 1st birthday but we introduced it gradually in cereals and half mixed with his formula.

We have had some trouble getting logan to ditch the bottle but we have finally found a cup that he will drink from and its this straw sippy cup, I have bought the munchkin 360 miracle, Nuby and tomee tippee ones and he just doesn’t like them.


Logan now has 8 teeth, 4 on top and 4 on bottom and he’s super cute when he smiles! I have noticed recently that he does have a gap in the top 2 teeth and that’s due to his lip tie, which doesn’t bother me.

If you enjoyed reading this update then you can read all his previous ones here.


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  1. oh he is so precious, the first year is such a special one to capture as they just change so much. I miss Adam being this tiny. #twinklytuesday

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