Logan’s 9 month update

Logan’s 9 month update

I can’t believe that Logan is 9 months already! Time is flying by, i am just so grateful for all the pictures as it’ll be lovely to look back at!

Not much is new this month, but there are some updates – yay!

Logan is fully crawling now and is into everything, there is nothing he won’t try to put into his mouth, so brushing and mopping is a daily sometimes twice daily chore. He is really good at pulling himself up to a standing position from sitting and crawling, you would never have thought that he had not long learned how to crawl, it’s mad how fast they can learn and pick up new skills. He has also started getting better at walking with his walker – video below (taken from my Instagram page).

Logan still has 3 bottom teeth and is now getting his 2 top ones coming in as well, Robbie thinks he’s going to get his gap but we’ll see (even if he does it’s only a small but cute gap!) Logan’s personality is certainly starting to shine through, he loves watching In the night garden (especially Iggle piggle), he could happily watch hours of this back to back, he also likes watching Bing and Mr Tumble.

Logan has also developed a liking for pop out/lift the flap books, probably because its engaging and his little curious brain wants to know what’s underneath, I now have a children’s library card meaning i can take out up to 11 books at a time and not get charged if I’m late bring them back, Logan just likes crawling when we get to the library!

Sleeping, well that’s still an issue, he is now waking a couple of times a night and seems to be up for the day at half 6, I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact he’s teething and is another sleep regression! Bloody typical, as soon as we get into a routine where he sleeps though there’s another goddamn regression! GRRR! Nap’s aren’t too good either, sometimes he’ll have a super long morning nap and then miss an afternoon nap and other days he’ll have a long afternoon nap and then not want to sleep at bedtime. Seriously when will he start sleeping through? The sleep training has gone out the window too!

On a more happier note, Logan loves going to soft play and baby group, he seems to really love watching the other babies/kids playing, oh and looking at himself in mirrors as you can see. Oh and if you’re wondering where I got the Rugrats bib, it’s from an Instagram shop named, Peanut & Hare.logan smiling at himself at softplay

Logan now likes to babble a lot, and most of the time he talks to himself in the mirror, he copies noises, pulls tongues and says mum, occasional dadda and babba sounds. He has such a funny personality and is really cheeky already, I say no to him in my sternest, serious voice and he stops what he’s doing, sits down, has a cheeky smirk and continues whatever I told him no to!

I’ve also noticed that he has some hates, he doesn’t like the broom, whenever we sweep the living room floor he stands there in fear and shakes, you’d swear he’d seen a ghost! He also can’t stand anything on his feet, be it socks, shoes and even sleepsuits with the feet on!

Logan is also really happy when out and about, he loves the fresh air, he enjoys an evening stroll around the block, and he is also great with other people and strangers, but when it comes to me leaving the room, all hell breaks loose and he has screaming fits until I reappear, honestly i can’t even leave him in the Jumperoo anymore, can’t even go for a pee anymore, unless Robs with him of course.

Well next month it’ll be Logan’s 10-month update – double figures (WHAT?! when did that happen!)

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7 thoughts on “Logan’s 9 month update

  1. He’s doing so well! I hear you with the fear of the broom, my son was terrified of the hoover from a really young age and only got over it around his 2nd birthday, such a pain trying to get things clean! He didn’t stop screaming when I left the room until not long before that age either! #littleleaps

    1. Yes absolutely, i love watching him crawl about, i dont mind him getting into a little mischief after all there’ll probably be lots of sitting in naughty corners and no sweets for him when he gets to that cheeky talking stage xD

  2. Ah he’s just adorable! Love the walker video – he will be off on his own before you know it!! As for the sleep – I feel your pain – Erin didn’t sleep through till she was two!! 😩 Feel free to join in #nightfeednatter on Twitter if you’re up in wee hours! Thanks for linking up #LittleLeaps

    1. Aw thank you for commenting, I will certainly keep my eyes peeled for your twitter chats, though luckily Logan slept through till half 5 last night which is a vast improvement on waking every 2/3 hours! x

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