Logan was admitted to the childrens ward

Logan was admitted to the childrens ward

Gosh what a mad week it’s been, it seems we’ve just had the worst luck, but have no idea why, just shitty karma I guess! So on Wednesday night after we’d all had tea, Robbie had noticed that Logan’s breathing was a bit odd, so I decided to record him and sent it to some people and on a mummy group i’m in on Facebook, they all immediately said that it don’t look right and that he has tracheal tug?

Following this my mother in law rang out of hours for us to see what they could do but to be honest we wasted our time waiting for them to ring us back, but eventually we got through and an appointment was made for him at 12am, Logan had been asleep in bed since about 8pm as he was just exhausted and it wasn’t fair keeping him up as we knew we were in for a long ass night!

Came 12am and sitting in Out of hours a&e department with Rob and Logan, hardly prepared as we thought we were only going to be told he had a cold or needed drops for his nose, but no, they took some obvservations like temperature, blood pressure etc and the nurse administered 10 puffs of this inhaler thing to help his breathing and she left the room for a moment, and came back in saying he needs to be seen by a paediatric doctor on the childrens ward. By this point I had no idea what was going on, just knew that I was just so glad that we didn’t ignore the signs and we did bring him to be seen.

On the Childrens ward, both me, robbie and logan we’re knackered and it felt like we were there for ages before anything got told to us about what was wrong with him, but we were seen straight away by the nurse and doctor and he did say that Logan  needs to be admitted and kept overnight just so they can rule out any chest infection or anything more serious. He needed to have this inhlaler administered every 3/4 hours, but he did sleep like a log and I slept on the hospital bed besides him in the cot, and Robbie was sleeping on the floor (his choice) but the nurse very kindly brought him some blankets and a pillow.

The following morning, I was just hoping and waiting for the doctor to walk in and give us the all clear so we could go home, but it felt like forever! We were so bored of waiting, luckily there was a childrens play room so Logan had lots of fun in there, but i on the other hand was starving, and any pregnant mummas out there knows how horrible being hungry is, almost makes you feel nauseous and faint!

After some more inhaler, and the doctor and a student nurse checking on him, it was finally time to home, thank goodness, I never want to see a hospital ever again, was just the most scariest and worst time of my life, and i felt so helpless seeing my little logibear in that state!

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