Logan’s 11 month update!

Logan’s 11 month update!

I can’t believe I’m doing another one of these updates already, I kid you not, it has flown by so fast it’s like all the months are merged into one, but here we go, time to share what Logan’s been up to this month!

Now that Logan is 11 months old, his character is really shining through and is starting to look more and more like a toddler, despite the obvious lack of hair! In terms of development, Logan hasn’t really done a whole lot since 10 months, he is still trying to walk and take steps which he’s  improving on every day, he can clap hands, shake his head when he doesn’t want anymore. He can say Cat and when I ask him where the cats are he looks out the windows as they’re usually sitting on the windowsill.

He is starting to sleep much better at nights now, he goes to bed at 7 pm and sleeps through till 6 am which i am pretty chuffed with, some nights we will have 1 or 2 wake up calls but nowhere near as bad and he is easier to settle.

In regards to the wonder weeks, Logan is currently still in leap 7 and is heading into the next leap in about a weeks time, and is heading towards his next fussy cloud period (yay, excited for that..NOT)

Logan is still in  6-9 month clothing but depending on the brand and shop the clothes are from he’s in bigger sizes, his 3-6 month manchester united kit still just about fits him! He wears mostly 2 piece set pyjamas to bed now as he hates wearing sleepsuits, we think that he doesn’t like anything covering his feet but I’ve no idea why.

Like I mentioned earlier, he is teething again, is upper and lower canines (fangs) are now starting to appear and pierce through the skin, and I have to say he’s taking it like a champ, but when they first started breaking through Liquid Anbesol was our best friend.

His absolute favourite thing at the moment is bubbles, it’s the only thing at the moment that keeps him entertained for more than 5 minutes, well except for the cats. I know he loves the cats but he can be a bit rough and tumble with them and slap them/pull there tails etc, is there anything I can do to help him understand to be gentle? Please do let me know x

Thanks for reading, see you next month for Logan’s big 1 Year update

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6 thoughts on “Logan’s 11 month update!

  1. Aww, hi Logan! We have cats too (4 of the blighters) and even now my son (who has just turned 2) can be a tad heavy handed when trying to stroke them 😂 I think it’s just showing the right way to stroke, over and over again, and they start to understand in time.
    Big birthday coming up too, I hope he has a great time 😊 #littleleaps

    1. Aw thanks for stopping by, i know what you mean ive tried the whole “gentle” approach but he just smiles at me and continues with his cat tail/whisker obsession. But to be fair to my cats they’re very patient with him x

  2. Loving that he’s got a Man U kit! Hubby would love Isla to have one, but he’s a skin-flint so would never pay for one! Isla loves bubbles at the moment too, she constantly tries to eat the bubbles in the bath!

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