Living Arrows week 26 (2017)

Living Arrows week 26 (2017)

This year I am joining in with What the Redhead Said‘s project Living Arrows which is all about celebrating childhood.

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”-Kahlil Gibran

Every Monday I will be posting a picture of Logan showing what we have been up to or something new he has learnt.

Hello and welcome back to Living arrows, its week 26, can you believe it. This week I will be sharing with you what we have got up to in the last 2 weeks, as i missed out on posting last week.

So with Logan’s rash/spots he still has a few visible ones that he itches from time to time but I am so thrilled to say he is pretty much 100% back to his normal, cheeky self.

We have been to the hospital this week for my 12 week scan which ive made a post about yesterday, following that we went to town and bought Logan his 1st pair of trainers now that he is walking everywhere and never has any accidents or falls over, he’s really steady on his feet now.

We got him some pretty basic, white nike trainers in the size 3.5 from sports direct and they were only £16.99 which we thought was pretty reasonable for a branded pair of trainers.




Living Arrows
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  1. My little one has those shark pants too! His trainers look so coooool! my little one cant wear them as when I had his feet measured he has wider fit than normal! So we have to go to Clarks every 6 weeks for his shoes!

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