Living arrows week 4/52

Living arrows week 4/52

Because i wanted to join in with some sort of Linkie this year, I decided to take part. With What the Redhead Said‘s project Living Arrows which is all about celebrating childhood.

 “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”-Kahlil Gibran

Every Monday I will be posting a picture of Logan showing what we have been up to or something new he has learnt.

Logan modelling his new bib by @themonochromemum

I can’t quite believe we are nearly at the end of January already! This week’s been super fun because went to chatterbox and we played with play doh and sang his favourite song – row row row your boat.

Logan has also learnt how to crawl, to be honest, I didn’t think he’d want to crawl seeing as he would rather be on his feet most of the time. Here’s a link to my Instagram video, capturing Logan crawling properly for the first time last night. I am super duper proud of him for achieving this milestone. He’s already knocked over 3 photo frames and bumped his head on the coffee table, but now i have to baby proof everything as he’s so curious about everything.

He is definitely teething again because he will not let me touch his top gums, they must be so sore, bless him, why do babies have to go through this 🙁 x

Next week will be a busy week for us because I’m turning 24 years old and we’ve got a christening to go to, very exciting. I do want to get Logan christened too but I’m crap at organising anything!

Living Arrows

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  1. Happy Birthday! Not sure if you’ve had it yet or not but I hope you have a lovely day anyway 🙂 Your week sounds lovely and YAY for crawling. What a wonderful milestone! x

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