Living arrows week 3/52

Living arrows week 3/52

So as you may know I have decided to join in with whattheredheadsaid Living arrows Linkie project, and every week I have to share a picture of Logan showing what we have been up to each week and if we’ve learnt anything new.

This last week hasn’t been great for us sleep wise as he’s going through a growth spurt and currently teething too so we have a very grumpy little baby, but that doesn’t stop him wanting to learn all his new skills every chance he gets.

Logan has been really trying hard to crawl and is almost there, and now he can pull himself up to standing which scares me especially during the night as he attempts to peer over the cot bars.

This picture of Logan shows him enjoying his favourite snack, banana wafer bars by Kiddylicious, he absolutely adores them and can polish two of them off within minutes of each other.

We have also been into town to do some shopping, it was very cold as we’ve just had our first snow in Britain (It’s gone now though) so Logan was wrapped up nice and warm in his me to you snowsuit and mickey mouse hat. As usual like every time I go to town I get Logan a little treat whether that be some new clothes or a little toy for him to play with, as I love getting him sensory toys for him to play with and learn.




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    1. Yeah they’re such a handy snack to keep in the changing bag because whenever he starts getting crabby in the pram, i just give him one of them and he is happy again 😉 x #keepiteasy

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