Let’s talk -Weaning 🍌

Let’s talk -Weaning 🍌

I’ll be honest with you I was dreading the Weaning stage because it just seemed so overwhelming and so much to learn, what he can and can’t eat at his age etc. But recently I’ve discovered BLW(baby led Weaning) which we both enjoy, this morning logan tried banana, pear and carrot, he didn’t choke which was my main worry with BLW.

We have also tried making our own purees, as much as it is time consuming I feel much happier giving him them than those jars especially when I have the time, otherwise the jars are a great nessessity when your out and about.

Now he’s nearly 6 months old I’ll be trying him with hand foods from the brand Organix I’ve heard they do great first time finger oods for babies. On the hand I really don’t want to rush him but I must say he has been showing all the signs of being ready for Weaning, he is sitting up on his own unaided, looking and me and rob or anyone else when they’re eating, he tries to grab the food that I’m eating and he’s got good hand to mouth co-ordination.

I still can’t get over how quickly my baby boy is growing up, seriously where did those 5 nearly 6 months go? 😱

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Keep smiling πŸ˜„ ~mummytologan

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