Learning to love my body after having 2 kids

Learning to love my body after having 2 kids

I’ll admit I’ve never been one of those skinny girls in school and developed quite quickly so stretch marks and cellulite was a thing I gained quite early on (inherited I believe!) :/

But I have always been larger chested which I have always been quite proud of but buying bras has been quite the mission, forget Primark and supermarket brands, definitely buying them from M&S or Debinhams from now on.

Before I fell pregnant with Logan I was probably around a size 18 and I gained quite a lot of weight carrying him and was always self conscious of that, wearing baggy T-shirt’s and jumpers, after Logan I lost a bit but was still not happy with how I looked in the mirror. I’ve never been happy about my body shape.

Then I fell pregnant with Sullivan and I did lose a bit of weight carrying him as I knew that I wasn’t really eating for 2 just had to eat the right stuff. But then piled it all back on toward the 3rd trimester, so back in my frumpy oversized clothes.

You see the thing is no one has ever really said “I’m not fat”, or disagreed whenever I’ve said “oh I’m too fat, need to lose this mum tum” except for Ben he loves me exactly how I am, and I think that’s what I needed to hear, as I started to lose the weight especially after the birth of sully as there was a lot of anxiety and stresses in my life back then with moving into my mums, moving into my own house and doing a million and one things to get the kids into routine, plus the fact I have to mostly walk everywhere helps.

Now I’m probably at my slimmest since having 2 kids, I can say that because my prep Logan clothes fit me again, and I can actually fit into sports wear without looking ridiculous!

Now I’m with Ben I have found myself slipping and have one too many takeaways as a treat when he’s over but we walk them off walking to town and other activities 😂 I don’t diet or eat rabbit food, I just walk more and probably the fact I’m cooking for myself so some nights I just can’t be bothered.

Confessions of a New Mummy

How do you feel about your post baby body?


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learning to love post baby body

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7 thoughts on “Learning to love my body after having 2 kids

  1. Well done you, sounds like you have got things under control. After 6 kids I’m not a fan of my saggy tummy thing but realistically I’m fine with myself, like you I don’t diet but I do exercise. #TwinklyTuesday

  2. My tummy has given up I think, although to be fair it’s stretched to carry 5 little souls altogether, and now when I look in the mirror 15 weeks post partum with boy number 3 I have to try and remember that!! I’m trying to get my mojo back and have been following a healthy eating plan and moving more and I’ve lost 1st so far…I’ve got a year before I hit the big 40 and I’m determined to be fabulous at forty! #TwinklyTuesday

  3. I hate my post baby body, I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and no amount of “you just had twins” helps. Its nearly ten months now and I dont think I can use that as an excuse any longer!! Well done on getting back to pre-baby shape! Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back tomorrow.

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