Kiddylicilous – My #wafermoment

Kiddylicilous – My #wafermoment

The lovely Emma Burgham, PR consultant for Kiddylicilous, recently contacted me and asked if I’d be interested sharing my #wafermoment, being a keen lover of the brand I jumped at the chance to get involved.

Box of Kiddylicilous goodies! – So Lucky!

The moment when Logan could start feeding himself and able to sit up unaided was a huge and emotional achievement, because not only was he growing up way too quickly it meant that every day that passed he was becoming that little bit more independent, even if I did promote baby led weaning / self-feeding from as soon as he could eat solids.

But the biggest difference was, I could leave him in his highchair or playpen with his banana/carrot or blueberry wafer for those 5 minutes while I went to the toilet or carried out another chore like; putting the washing in or making myself something to eat.

Logan, enjoying his banana wafer!
Mmmm, how tasty!










Logan’s daddy also likes these wafers, he has actually been finishing Logan’s off if he didn’t eat them both ha-ha! Another of the Kiddylicilous snacks that I actually enjoy is the banana fruity puffs! We wouldn’t give Logan something I wasn’t happy eating ourselves, which is why we love BLW as he can pretty much eat everything and anything we are eating (he certainly has a good appetite).

These Kiddylicilous wafers are so good for on the go too, I always make sure that I have a pack in the nappy bag for that, just in case moment, as Logan sometimes gets a bit naggy in his pram or if he starts crying, even showing him the packet for these wafers, stops him from crying.

For more info and where you can buy Kiddylicilous wafers, check out the following:

FacebookInstagram and Twitter #wafermoment

Available from Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Boots and Ocado

Rsp 10 pack £2.00 Rsp 5 pack £1.15 – three yummy flavours– banana, carrot and blueberry


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