How I get my 1 year old to sleep without any fuss!

How I get my 1 year old to sleep without any fuss!

I’m pretty sure every parent dreams of being able to put their child to bed without any fuss or crying, and without having to rely on cry it out or the dreaded cuddling to sleep, there’s nothing worse than getting your baby to finally sleep and lowering them slowly into their cot and bam eyes wide open and crying starts again and your back at square one.

Today I am going to share with you, my tips and advice on how I got Logan to go to sleep fuss free and in less than 5 minutes! Logan is now 1 years old so some of this advice may vary from baby to baby so don’t quote me on this.

I’m not going to lie it wasn’t easy, getting any baby to learn the falling asleep on their own skill takes time and a lot of patience. The first thing to do before anything is to establish a bedtime routine, it doesn’t mean you have to give them a bath every night just as long as you do the same things every night to let your children know that it’s nearly time for bed, whether that be their favourite bedtime song, a book, getting them into their pyjamas, changing their nappy and saying its nearly sleep time. Consistency is key with any kind of routine.

Here is Logan’s bedtime routine;

  • 5 pm – Logan has his tea
  • 6 pm – We will let him watch the CBeebies bedtime hour as this really helps him, plus he adores In the night garden
  • 7 pm- We’ll put his Pyjamas on and he’ll have his milk in a beaker (he no longer has bottles at all)
  • 7.30 pm – I’ll take him up to bed, say goodnight, love you, place him in his bed and leave the room (At this point he is quiet and doesn’t cry at all, as is so accustomed to his bedtime routine and he knows that when it’s bedtime it’s sleep time, I think myself lucky, to be honest as I know most babies still don’t sleep. (Also bedtime may be a bit later if it’s bath night or if he had a late/danger nap in the afternoon)
  • 5/6 am – Is usually when Logan wakes up for the day, however, there are some exceptions and those are when he’s ill or if he’s not had enough to eat during the day before that’s when he’ll wake in the night but it’s usually just the once.

having a danger nap

So I hope that routine kind of helps you in some ways, feel free to use this routine and tailor it for your own toddler or baby. Let me know how your baby sleeps, I’ll be interested to know if any of you have any other successful methods in getting your child to sleep without any fuss?

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