How to manage having a blog and Youtube Channel

How to manage having a blog and Youtube Channel

I’m not sure if any of you knew this, but I have in fact started making Youtube videos, and in this article, I wanted to share with my easy methods in how I manage to have a blog and a youtube channel, and how I manage to publish content on a weekly basis.

I’ve always been a pretty creative person and so blogging and youtube came quite natural to me and trust me I used to make terribly edited videos back in the day…and yes there still on youtube somewhere! (Please don’t search for them!)

Obviously, some days can be a challenge to get any content out because I do have to put my family first and my own sanity, so when I don’t post something for a while, I’m not abandoning it, I just have something going on that requires more attention.

In order for me to manage time between my blog, youtube and family, well I do most of my blog work when Logan’s having his naps or when he’s gone to bed, with my youtube videos which requires me to record, edit and upload my content I do that whenever Robbie’s got a day off so I can really focus on that and then upload it whenever as we have fibre optic so my videos upload really quick (so just a pointer – if you’re thinking about starting youtube, fibre optic is a must)

Don’t get me wrong I love creating stuff for you guys, whether you are here from my blog or youtube channel, it can get a bit too much at times, especially when Logan’s being clingy to me or if we have a lot on that week.

So to sum up, I manage youtube and my blog pretty easily but can be a struggle if i’m lacking in motivation which is why I love hearing from you and getting comments, as it makes me feel like my work is not for nothing and is getting read. So thank you.

Here’s a link to my most recent Youtube video. (It would be amazing if you could leave a thumbs up and subscribe!) xxx

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