How to entertain a toddler and a baby!

How to entertain a toddler and a baby!

When I say entertain I don’t mean standing up and performing a cabaret or anything, well unless that’s how you chose to entertain your kids but what I mean is how I basically keep them both happy at the same time, it can be quite the juggling act at times.


This is probably one of Logan’s favourite activities, now that I live a lot closer to town, it’s a lot easier for me to get out and about with the boys without having to worry about transport, and with this new found freedom I’m now able to take them both to soft play as its only about a 10/20 minute walk. I put soft play in this list because it’s somewhere that can keep Logan entertained while Sullivan is sleeping or having a little play in the bouncer or having a bit of tummy time. I don’t take them to soft play all of the time but it certainly tires Logan out and helps his confidence as he’s interacting with loads of different kids. But at the same time, it can be quite the germ-fest!


This one is great for both my boys, as Logan will often run over with one of his many books (usually a Peppa Pig one) and I’ll either sit on the floor next to sully in his bouncer or I’ll have Sully on my knee and Logan sitting on sofa next to me and we’ll read the books and even though sully doesn’t understand he is still alert and attracted to the bright colours on the pages. Logan also has a few noisy books which they both enjoy.


This one is quite tricky to do when Logan is awake as he often tries to climb on top of Sully or cuddle him and get too involved, which I’m finding is a bit of a nuscance at times as Sully doesn’t get to have much time on his tummy or even the playmat, Logan likes to try and lie on it with him, I suppose he just wants to copy his brother, but as long as I keep logan distracted with another game or something on the telly then sully can have his playtime on the floor.


Quite a controversial one, as there are some people who don’t agree with letting there kids access to technology and the telly but I only ever put the educational programmes on, with Peppa pig as Logan is going through a bit of an obsession with that and dinosaurs. Sometimes you have to do what keeps them quite if for just 10 minutes while you make something to eat or go the loo.

Getting out

Even if its just to go to the corner shop, the fresh air can often make Sully sleepy with the motion of the pram and plus it breaks up the day as Logan doesn’t get bored with being stuck in and just rotating around the same toys all day. And there is a lot more for Logan to see outside like cats, dogs, birds and even cars going past can keep L entertained.




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