Hauck Shopper Shop N Drive Travel System Review

Hauck Shopper Shop N Drive Travel System Review

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I thought i would take this opportunity to write a review on my much loved Hauck pram which i am having to sell as I’ve just bought Logan a new pram for Christmas, only because i wanted a parent facing pram, and i miss being able to see Logan when out and about, other than that its a brilliant first time pram.

I just wanted to say that this pram has done a fab job at being a travel system, it is really easy to attach the car seat especially when Logan was a newborn, its really effortless to fold down and fit into the boot, its also a very nice, smooth pram to move around with front swivel / lockable wheels.

My favourite thing about the Hauck pram has to be the 2 cup holders on the handle bar, as its so useful for putting my drink or logans bottle/snacks/tissues, anything you want really, its definitely a great all rounder, now Logan is in the pushchair part  he loves being able sit upright and see the world passing by.

I also really like how easy the pram is to steer and assemble, especially for getting it in and out of the boot. Another great feature especially because we don’t drive, it has a huge shopping basket beneath the pram as evidenced the picture (Slideshow above ^) .

The best thing about this pram is that the manufacturer of the Hauck series is in Wrexham, where i live so it feels great to have supported a local business, i know the brand isn’t well known and not an expensive brand like Silver Cross or Cossatto but it is an awesome pram in my eyes and you won’t be dissapointed.

So if you’re looking for a travel system that is comfortable, easy to assemble and steer around then this is the pram for you, it comes in a variety of different colours and styles so just google Hauck and you won’t be dissapointed.

“It’s a good all rounder for the first time parent” – Robert Jones (Fiance and loving daddy to Logan)

“Such a great pram, so easy to fold down and get in the boot” – Julia Jones (My lovely mother, nanny to Logan)

Keep ssmiling 😄 ~mummytologan

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