Our first trip to Chester as a family (Nightmare)

Our first trip to Chester as a family (Nightmare)

*Warning there will be a GIF used in this post (Embarrassing, humour reasons only)* p.s i dont hate Chester, just disliked this one experience.

As some of you may know (those who read my previous post) Robbie had a week off from work last week so I was very excited because it meant that we could actually go somewhere together as a family rather than just me and Logan going to town and having only a few hours before Rob had to go off to work.

So I took this opportunity and spoke up, “Let’s go to Chester”, I’d wanted to go and take Logan for months now but it’s always been too cold or rob didn’t have the day off work. This particular day was very wet, to say the least, but nevertheless we never let that stop us and on we went, got our brolly and got the train to Wrexham town center,  we also got some snacks and a drink for the bus journey, by this point Logan was a tad bit naggy because he usually has his nap around 10 am but for some reason he hates napping in his pram.

So we’re in Chester, all pretty good so far we’re nice and warm inside the various shopping malls Chester has to offer, the first thing I bought was this really awesome Call of Duty black ops 3 jumper from Primark (You can’t beat Primark’s prices) I love Chester’s Primark just because it’s ginormous and you aren’t limited to one mirror to try on something and see just how fat you actually are and how ridiculous you look in that sweater.

It’s now 12 o’clock which means we’re hungry and don’t know where to go for lunch, but i remember doing some research at “i should be asleep am” it was an all you can eat Chinese buffet called Panda Mami, so i quickly google mapped it, should have done directions but didn’t have 4g and didn’t have any good wifi hotspots either, so we decided to have a gander and we spotted Chester’s tourist information center and we asked in there, we asked this rather posh looking lady where this Chinese buffet was, sure enough, she told us, giving us the most unhelpful instructions ever, she may well have been speaking in a foreign language.

So we started walking in the direction she roughly outlined using a map that we have never used before since we don’t live here and have no clue where we are going but were still walking and we have no clue if we are going the right way. 10 minutes later I say to Rob, “we’re clearly going the wrong way, i can see bloody Spain over there(Pardon the obvious joke- I wish i was in Spain). By this point i looked like a drowned rat, Logan still was no closer to sleeping and was whinging for banana wafers, and Rob looked smug with the brolly over him.

Logan’s face said it all, how we’re all feeling by this point and we hadn’t even been to the Disney store yet, i mean who doesn’t go to Chester and not go to the Disney store? Randomly we spotted what we thought was the Chinese and so we proceeded to make our way up 2 flights of stairs with me carrying Logan and rob the pram only to be greeted with silence and the feeling of emptiness, it felt like walking into a posh ballroom with only one person in there being the barman, i said to the lady “is this Panda Mami, the Chinese buffet”, the look on her face said it all, she replied saying “No, this no Panda Mami, we do 3 course meal for £30”, we got out of there quicker than we got in, £30 bloody quid no thanks.

So we’re back to square one, i felt like giving up at this point and going to Mcdonalds, but No, i was persistent and i wanted to find this all you can eat buffet if it was the last thing i did(Like some sort of crazy persons bucket list).

We’re now walking back up to the main city centre, and we asked some random women who worked in Paperchase and she was so lovely and could see how distressed and soaked we were, she probably pitied us and deep down was laughing at our misfortune. We walked and walked for about 10 more minutes, until JACKPOT, we found it, we found this goddamn Chinese buffet, on the plus side Logan had fallen asleep, only to be rudely woken up by a fricken ambulance siren 5 minutes earlier (grrr!)

Though after all that walking around and getting splashed up to the waist by a douche bag of a driver, we finally found Panda Mami, and to be honest it was a nice buffet with lots of variety, now we know where it is we will definitely be re-visiting, and it was great value as well with SUSHI! which i love!

You know what I love about having kids? Is getting an excuse to go into the Build a bear workshop, it was so bright and colourful and i really wanted to make a teddy but they weren’t exactly cheap and i know i could find cheaper on Ebay or Amazon.

This next part of the story is where our day out turns even worse, not only was we soaked from head to toe and needing to buy emergency gloves because it was so bloody cold. I remember walking through Poundland with this “walk” if you will, you know the kind you do when you don’t want to pee yourself because you haven’t done your Kegal exercises- ladies? Lol [WPGP gif_id=”1984″ width=”600″]Especially those who’ve had babies will know, damn so here i am in the middle of Poundland feeling so embarrassed (Luckily i had black jeans on and was raining so you couldn’t tell, and I just remember telling Rob under my breath, “I need to buy some more pants”, his reply was “Why? You came on your period last week”, he caught on eventually when he saw my walk and he couldn’t stop laughing at me.

So now I’m even more uncomfortable for many reasons, but chafing being the worst! I couldn’t for the life of me find a shop that sold just any pair of trousers in my size, like seriously is every single woman a size 0? Lol It’s such a cruel world in the most unfortunate of circumstances! I’ve peed myself and i couldn’t find trousers, knickers yes, but trousers no! But to my saviour, there was a Sports Direct over the road, and i just bought the cheapest and flairest jogging bottoms i could find because quite frankly anything would be more comfortable than wearing soaking wet pissy jeans!

The highlight of my whole day in Chester was seeing Logan’s face light up when he saw Iggle piggle, his favourite In the Night garden character in Toys R Us, we even paid for him to have a go on the ride, he wasn’t too sure what to make of it, as he was just fascinated by the fact Iggle Piggle was their.

AHH, home at last and what a day that has been, I’ll tell you something i won’t be rushing back to Chester anytime soon. If anything I’ve come away learning something, the nappy bag isn’t just for the babies spare clothes lol!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this and I hope it made you giggle a little bit? (It was all true by the way – some bits i have purposely missed out just because it wasn’t that interesting)


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