Logan’s first time in a paddling pool

Logan’s first time in a paddling pool

Who’s been loving this weather lately? I often say to myself who needs to go abroad when British weather can be just as lush! I have very fond childhood memories of being in my own paddling pool, splashing around and having fun with some cheesy pop hit blasting in the background, while my mum was in the kitchen preparing burgers, hotdogs and if we were lucky a choc ice!

So this summer I was determined and quite excited to get the lovely weather so I could let Logan have a bit of fun in his first paddling pool which I image we’ll keep for years to come, providing it doesn’t pop of course!

It was kind lucky really, my nan gave Logan this pool as a birthday gift as if she somehow predicted that the weather would be nice soon! He was a bit unsure at first as he’d never been in water that wasn’t warm or full of Johnsons baby bath bubbles. But as soon as we added the little plastic balls and his ducks, he was soon enjoying splashing around, it was so nice and cooling too, even me and his dad had a little paddle :p

Hope everyone else is having fun enjoying this nice weather, while it lasts!



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